Students Smash Pumpkins for Science


Senior physics major Christopher Ard, dressed as Einstein, welcomed community members to the annual pumpkin drop.
Junior physics major Jared Sweatman played Galileo.
Avi Radick, a junior double majoring in physics and math, played Isaac Newton.
Junior Adam McKinley played Aristotle.
Physics students (left to right) Sarah Knudsen, Bee Vue and Tori Goff send pumpkins flying to the ground.

Community members gathered Friday to see pumpkins fly off a top floor of Butte Hall and smash into the ground as part of the 28th annual pumpkin drop put on by California State University, Chico’s Society of Physics Students.

The event is a theatrical reenactment of Galileo Galilei’s legendary Tower of Pisa experiment. Members of the club dressed in costume as Aristotle, Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein to explained to local school children and community members laws and theories of gravity.