The Chico Experience Week, Queer Week, Greek Week, and much more, are coming to a close, leaving us huffing and puffing from all the excitement (and running around)! The past ten days were jam-packed with campus and community events that helped spread awareness, and promote action and conversations in various areas of our community. Philanthropy, diversity, inclusion, and community building paved the way for people to come together over subjects and events that fueled their passions.

Among these events were the highlights of the week; the Queer Week Chico State Drag Show, which sold out to over 600 students and community members, and the Greek Week participation in the Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, where Greek life raised $31,400 for breast cancer research. We were additionally able to welcome back to campus many of our alums, including the class of 1966 Golden Grads. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to show what the Chico Experience truly is!

Out of the 90+ events, we compiled a few pictures to show off some of the action and enthusiasm that took place: