Chico State has launched the new and improved, multipurpose MYChicoState app! Easy and fast to download, this app has everything current and prospective students need to stay connected to the University.

The app is available in iTunes and Google Play, and offers students easy access to the staff and faculty directory, athletics information, an all encompassing campus map, and Campus Announcements. In the life of a college student, the more information organized in one place, the better!

Here is an preview of what you will find:


  • check application status


  • What I Owe
  • Account Activity
  • View Financial Aid
  • Accept/Decline Awards
  • Check Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • View Financial Aid Summary
  • View Important Student Fee Information


  • View academic schedule in calendar format


  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Grades
  • Programs
  • Test Scores

My Information

  • Addresses
  • Phones
  • Emergency Contacts

To Dos and Holds

  • Check outstanding To Dos
  •  Check outstanding Holds

For more information, you’ll just have to download the app and find out for yourself!

Now that you can manage your University business with the MYChicoState app, I asked students what other apps are the most helpful, motivating, and entertaining to get them through the school year. Here’s what they suggested (plus a few of my own).

Productivity and Organization


“The app Productive can help you remember things you would like to make a habit of: like taking vitamins or going to a walk.” –Kymberly Ann Daniel, senior


“In the past I’ve used the myHomework app to organize and prioritize all of my assignments, midterms, and projects in one single place. Although it’s time consuming to have to type everything in manually, it has definitely helped me centralize all of my academic responsibilities.” –Rachel Ward, senior


 “One app I used (at least attempted to use) was task list app. It was one of the apps I found to be the most useful for students to keep track of all the little things!” –Griselda Avila, ’16


This app helps me personally because in any moment I need to remember something, I can just add a reminder and not have to make it into a whole “event” on my calendar. Especially if it’s for something like “email professor” or “change the cat litter.”



“I love Venmo. It makes splitting bills and sending money to my roommates and friends super easy. The best part is seeing all the little descriptions people put on payments, they are usually pretty hilarious.” –Alex Dooley, senior


“I use Mint by Intuit. It’s a personal finance app that tracks your spending patterns and helps you in budgeting. (It’s) super helpful for being organized with your spending habits.” –Chet Hubbard

Social Activity


Kik is used on various campuses as a way of posting anonymous blurbs on what’s happening in your area. You can interact with fellow students about hot topics and rumors circling through social media.


Peach works like your favorite social media sites (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) without the clutter of tons of followers. You connect only with your closest friends!


“I prefer using Uber to get around because the application allows me to track where the driver is at, when they will be arriving, and who the driver is. It is also comforting to know that I will be riding in someone’s personal vehicle, which is often more pleasing than riding in a cab.” –Gabrielle Ciera, ’16

Health and Wellness

My Fitness Pal 

“I really love My Fitness Pal to keep me accountable on drinking enough water and getting in good brain food!” –Margot van der Bie, senior


“[Clue is] a period tracking app. It not only tells you when your cycle is, but also when your PMS time is and fertility window. It also includes a reminder to take your birth control. I’ve used it multiple times to know when my cycle is coming up so I know if I’ll be on my period during finals week or not. Another bonus: it’s in gender neutral colors.” –Madison Burnes, junior


“I use a meditation app called Breathe that’s super cute and user friendly to deal with stress.” –Rachel Biccum, senior

Campus Life

Pocket points

This Chico State student-developed app has gone mainstream, and is used as a reward system for students who go to class and turn off their phones, offering discounts, free food at local businesses, and more.


Only have a 15-minute break between classes? You can use Tapingo to not only order food from around town, but on campus as well to pre-order your food or coffee from AS Dining locations for a quick pickup!

With any luck, these apps will give students a kick start into the day, and make life as a young adult just a little easier to manage. What are your favorite apps for every day life? Tell us what’s ‘app’ening!