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Neesa Sonoquie

Neesa Sonoquie

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Social Work Alumna Casey Hersch

Social Work Alumna Casey Hersch and her Cat Pawso Teach the Mind/Body Connection and How to Heal

Casey Hersch integrates what she has learned about trauma and disease in new book to encourage resilience in kids and help them cope.

Distinguished Alumna Kimberly Bacigalupo

Distinguished Alumna and Sierra Nevada Brewery Quality Manager Kimberly Bacigalupo

Chemistry alumna Kimberly Bacigalupo is diversifying the brewing industry from the inside out.

Taylor Anderson Rawlins Award winner

A Second Chance: Mathematics Alumna Calculates Her Own Path to Success

For recent graduate and future high school math teacher Taylor Anderson, the journey is the destination.

Cassandra Schaeg is being filmed for her show, holding a glass of red wine with a sample.

Taking Bold Leaps Toward a Dream

Emmy Award winning alumnus Cassandra Schaeg shares insight from her long road to personal and business success in the beverage industry.

Rosemary White stands with an arm around the Wildcat Statue in Wildcat Plaza

Celebrating Rosemary White: 2022’s Wildcat Spirit Award Winner

Known across campus as "Ms. Positive Attitude," Rosemary White has spent over twenty years making Chico State a better place to learn, teach, and grow.

Social work alumna Bekah Qualls smiling against brick wall.

Social Work Alumna Finds Way to Give Back

School social worker and therapist Bekah Qualls creates a generous legacy for those following in her footsteps.

Twin sisters embrace on a bench. One is sitting on the bench while the other sits on the arm rest and places her arms around her sisters shoulders.

Identical Twins Follow Different Dreams

Relying on each other for support, Vanessa and Viviana Mendoza discover their own identity in college.

Animal Science Student Josephine Hernandez

Introducing Josephine Hernandez: 2023 Lt. Rawlins Merit Scholarship Recipient

Animal science major Josephine Hernandez is an empathetic leader committed to inspiring future agricultural students and giving back to her field.

Civil Engineering Student Hannah Scholzen

Introducing Hannah Scholzen: 2023 Lt. Rawlins Merit Scholarship Recipient

Civil engineering student and soon-to-be graduate, Hannah Scholzen, is a model of perseverance and leadership in her field.

Almond blossoms bloom on a farm.

Fond Farewell: Retired Painter Ronald Kohl Sr.

Remembered for his humble spirit and strong work ethic, Ronald Kohl Sr. worked as a painter at Chico State for almost thirty years.

Alumna Ava Bloom

5 Questions with Chico State Alumna and Business Owner Ava Moon

Chico State graduate and local artist, Ava Bloom, channels her independent spirit, commitment to sustainability, and love for creating art into new vintage boutique.

Yellow and red roses bloom in the foreground with academic buildings in the background.

Fond Farewell: Retired Custodian Martha Ann Armocido

Remembered as friendly, hard-working, and kind, Martha Ann Armocido worked as a custodian on campus for more than a decade.

A brass plaque is affixed to a brick pillar with a building and trees in the background.

University Faculty Awarded Prestigious Lantis Endowments

Chico State faculty shine as three professors are celebrated for their achievements in research and contributions to their fields.

Yellow and red roses bloom in the foreground with academic buildings in the background.

Fond Farewell: Retired Director of Human Resources Dennis Frazier

Remembered for his keen sense of humor, warm personality, and commitment to his work, Dennis Frazier directed human resources at Chico State for more than two decades.

Fond Farewell: Retired Religious Studies Professor Emeritus John Bash

Professor Emeritus John Bash, a distinguished teacher, mountain hiker, and world traveler, will be remembered as a friend and mentor to both students and colleagues.

Curt Richard and Bob Phillips in college

College Friends Make A Perfect Match for Organ Donation

Wildcat bonds truly do last a lifetime— when alum Bob Phillips needed a kidney, his former college roommate came to the rescue.

Trinity Roses

Fond Farewell: Former Director of Alumni Allen Sherwood

Remembered as friendly, funny, and wise, Allen Sherwood directed alumni relations at Chico State for two decades.

Kathleen Belzer at work as a midwife.

Five Questions with Certified Nurse Midwife and Alumna Kathleen Belzer

Nursing alumna and midwifery advocate Kathleen Belzer is driving diversity and equality in pregnancy and childbirth healthcare.

Colin Wiseman on a boat.

Bringing Mental Health to Light

Chico State alumni and family find healing through mental health awareness advocacy and the creation of a Senate bill to improve youth mental health in schools.

Rose of Sharon shrub blooms outside of Kendall Hall

Fond Farewell: Passing of Retired Mathematics Professor Larry Dion

Mathematics and statistics professor Larry Dion will be remembered for his commitment and generosity.

A drone photograph shows a late-spring sunset shining through Trinity Hall.

Fond Farewell: Anthropology Professor Emerita Beverly Newbold Chiñas

A visionary in cultural anthropology and scholar of women's studies in Latin America and beyond, Beverly Newbold Chiñas taught at Chico State for 26 years.

Yellow and red roses bloom in the foreground with academic buildings in the background.

Staff Awards Recognize Exemplary Employees

Staff Council honors five employees for their customer service, safety dedication, Wildcat spirit, and overall awesomeness.

Rose bushes in the foreground with academic buildings on a college campus in the background

Chico State Honors Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Nine faculty, staff, and students are honored with the 14th Annual Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

Bright yellow leaves of fall adorn a tree on a college campus.

Five Faculty Receive Professional Achievement Honors

Recipients of these annual awards are honored for exemplary teacher-scholar achievement at Chico State.

A view of Kendall Hall at Chico State

2022 Hall of Honor Inductees

Meet the 8 retired faculty members that the Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association's (ERFSA) inducted to the 2022 Hall of Honor.

Rose bushes in the foreground with academic buildings on a college campus in the background

Class Notes: Spring 2022

Whether it's starting a new business, writing a book, or achieving a lifelong dream, the Wildcat family continues to reach milestones. Alumni share professional and personal updates for spring 2022.

Jonathan Gurrola

Nursing Alum Puts LGBTQ+ Patient Care Policy into Practice

Jonathan Gurrola takes school project from the classroom to the community to advocate for equality in health care.

Erika Muniz

CAGD Student Models Success for Those Underserved in Her Field

First-generation student of color finds inspiration in close-knit family and campus CAGD community as she sets off for a new adventure after graduation.

The brick facade of an academic building with three arches in the front

Chico State Recognizes 2021–22 Outstanding Faculty

These awards—among the highest at CSU, Chico—celebrate the excellence of eight phenomenal faculty.

Rashell Brobst as a child and an adult

5 Questions with CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the North Valley and Alumnus Rashell Brobst

As a first-generation college graduate, Rashell Brobst channels her passion into serving the needs of underserved youth in her community.

Doug Leiker in his ceramics studio.

5 Questions with Ceramicist and Alumnus Douglas Leiker

After establishing a pottery business post-graduation, Douglas Leiker realized an opportunity to expand into the cosmetics market. His business now has sales worldwide.

Kendall Hall sits under a fall early-evening sky.

Twelve Students Awarded Lt. Rawlins Merit Scholarships

The award—one of the largest and most prestigious at Chico State—celebrates scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding academic and professional accomplishments.

Cindy Daley leans into a cattle pen.

Office Hours: Regenerative Agriculture Leader and Professor Cindy Daley

Professor Cindy Daley honors her roots through regenerative agriculture education and carbon-smart solutions to fight climate change.

Felipe Restrepo coaches his players from the sidelines of a soccer game.

Office Hours: Men’s Soccer Coach and Leadership Instructor Felipe Restrepo

Professor and coach Felipe Restrepo helps first-generation and underserved students win on and off the field.

A worm in the handful of soil in the grazing pasture at the University Farm is part of the regenerative soil program that makes efforts for sustainability farming possible.

Five Questions with Alumnus and Micro-Farmer Garrison Harward

From stage to Senegal, lighting technician and micro-farmer Garrison Harward builds a global community through climate-conscious gardening.

O'Connell Technology Center under a cloudy sky

Office Hours: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Professor Hadil Mustafa

Leading by example, professor Hadil Mustafa shows young girls and women that engineering isn't "just for boys."

Alycia Anderson sitting in wheelchair and smiling, holding up a denim jacket that reads, "See Me," on the back.

5 Questions with Alumna and Motivational Speaker Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson has used a wheelchair all her life. After a successful career in technology sales, she's pursuing a more personal passion—inspiring people to believe in their limitless potential.