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Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward served as Public Affairs' Social Media Intern from August 2015 to May 2016. She will graduate in spring 2018 with a B.A. in Women's Studies and a B.S. in Business Finance.

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Best Spots for Graduation Glamour Shots

We help you plan that perfect Commencement photo—ranging from traditional to the unconventional.

Meet Seve, A First-Rate Friend With the Plaque to Prove It

Seve Christian was awarded the 2016 Chris Hilbert Outstanding Chico State Friend Award, for exemplifying the qualities of a true friend to fellow students and the entire University.

Success Through Solidarity: Meet Chico State’s Women Engineers

For the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), building solidarity and support is paramount to succeeding in STEM fields.

Rumor Has It: 10 Chico State Myths Explored

There are many myths and rumors that are told time and again at Chico State. Is there a Volkswagen Beetle buried somewhere on campus? Was Bidwell Mansion once used as a dormitory? Are there cameras inside the Three Sisters statues? We went looking for answers to these head-scratching myths to find out the truth. Trinity Bell Tower’s […]

Behind the Valentines: An Interview with the Chico State Cupids

For the past two years, Chico State has been graced with the presence of two love doctors each Valentine’s Day. Tony Munoz and Steven Huff, part-time Cupids and Chico State graduates, are known for donning winged bras and “kiss me” boxers to deliver unconditional love by handing out valentines with sweet messages attached to students and staff […]

Campus Shows Love for Chico’s Fall Colors

The fall season has inspired many of our fans and followers to show their love and appreciation for Chico State and the surrounding community.

His Chico Experience: A Young Activist’s Journey

As a feminist, queer, transgender man, senior Kory Masen has faced a number of barriers, but he is looking forward to a bright future. One he is helping shape.

Life After Chico: A Career at Disney

Every day, Katie Brown watches as young children undergo an amazing transformation. From the fun-filled day’s beginning—when children are feeling the most nervous about what’s to come—to it’s end—when they start to view themselves as leaders—witnessing and participating in these children’s growth is an integral part of Brown’s career at Disneyland and California Adventure. Brown […]

Gender & Sexuality Equity (Not Equality) Center

Ever heard of on-campus events like Take Back the Night, the LGBTQ+ Conference, or the Vagina Monologues? These events are hosted by the AS Gender & Sexuality Equity Center (GSEC) every year. The GSEC (pronounced Gee-Seck) is a student-run activist organization at Chico State open Monday–Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in 004 of […]

“Dreaming Without Boundaries” Conference: An Inside Look

The second annual Dreaming Without Boundaries conference aims to educate and promote awareness for the issues faced by undocumented students, and resources available to them.

Five Tips for Mastering A Midterm

College exams never fail to intimidate. Come October or mid-September, you are bound to encounter one of these daunting obstacles. In light of these scary endeavors, here are five tips to help successfully take on exams.

Back to School: 3 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Start

Whether you’re a new student or old hand, anyone can use a refresher to ring in the new school year.