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Travis Souders

Travis Souders

Travis Souders is a proud Chico State alumnus (Journalism, '09) who specializes in sharing stories and experiences through writing on multiple platforms.

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Portrait of Tatiana Ybarra, her husband, and their three kids.

Family Ties Strengthen Married Students’ Success

Two graduating seniors find strength in their backgrounds, their children, and each other.

Katia Samoilova talks at a table filled with video game controllers with video games on screens behind her.

New Class Explores Philosophy Through Video Games

Students experience and examine philosophers' struggles through popular entertainment form.

The WREC sign is illuminated at night, with views of the workout equipment visible through the windows.

WREC Celebrates 10 Years of Student Wellness

With an anniversary celebration planned for October 10, the center honors a decade of fitness and wellness.

An illustration depicting five student faces and the words "The Changing Face of Chico State"

The Changing Face of Chico State

Today, Chico State is home to more identities and expressions than ever. Yet, “first gen” is one of the fastest-rising identity markers. The University is focused now more than ever to ensure they achieve their dreams—no matter how high they are set.

Chris Navarrete conducts a music rehearsal with a clarinet player playing in the foreground

Navarrete Comes Full-Circle as New Director of Bands

Chris Navarrete has big shoes to fill as the new director of bands—and there's nobody better-suited to fill them.

Cawa Tran speaks on stage at ED X Chico

Coral, Relationships, and Us

In this episode of "Out of Curiosity," Chico State professor Cawa Tran explains how her research on sea anemones, coral, algae, and the symbiotic relationships that tie us all together can help us learn not only how to preserve the reefs, but how to examine our own relationships.

Mike Guzzi runs with the American flag in front of dozens of people, leading them across campus in a 5K run/walk

Longing for Legacy: Guzzi Strives to Serve a Greater Good

Mike Guzzi (Engineering, ’02) finds purpose in serving a greater good is and driven by the legacy he’s building as the University’s associate vice president of facilities and capital projects.

Cory Tondreau smiles as she poses in front of an abstract mural

Perseverance Drives CSU Trustees’ Award Winner to Excel

Cory Tondreau's tenacity and talent have led her through a lifetime of obstacles, and she has been honored as a 2019 CSU Trustees' Award winner.

Phillip Maltin smiles with his arms folded outside of a building

5 Questions With Distinguished Alum Phillip Maltin

Trial lawyer Phillip Maltin reflects on the education that paved the way for a fascinating career in law—and in reading people.

Darryl Schoen smiles with his arms folded in front of trees and Trinity Hall.

5 Questions with Distinguished Alum Darryl Schoen

One of eight distinguished alumni to be honored the University this fall, entrepreneur Darryl Schoen has never forgotten the value of his Chico Experience.

Kate McCarthy speaks to a crowd.

Talking Politics at the Dinner Table

We dread political conversations with family because of how tense they can be. But Professor Kate McCarthy sees similarities in interfaith dialogue that can help us find common ground, even in politics.

John Aylworth seated at a table with bottles of serum and several injectors.

Business Alumnus Brings Biotech to Chico

Alum John Aylworth pivoted from orthopedics to his own blossoming biotech company—then moved it back to Chico.

Two students smile and together hold a knee brace prototype.

Rehab By Robot: Students Research ACL Solutions

Two students' CSC2 research project aims to use robot power to help rehabilitate healing knees.

Nick Nelson smiles as he wears protective glasses and looks at a solar eclipse among a large crowd at Chico State.

Making the Stars Your Map

On this episode of the University podcast "Out of Curiosity," Chico State professor Nick Nelson explains the old-school method of finding way your home: celestial navigation.

Predicting the Weather is Chaos

In this episode of "Out of Curiosity," Chico State physics professor Nick Nelson explains the chaotic business of weather prediction on planet Earth.

LeRoy Alaways smiles for a photo in front of Kendall Hall wearing a shirt that says "Dad toughest job you will ever love."

5 Questions With Alumnus LeRoy Alaways

Alumnus LeRoy Alaways went from the almond orchards of Durham to becoming the voice of authority on the curveball.

A screenshot of video showing virtual reality rendering of the Honey Run Covered Bridge,.

A Virtual Vision of Recovery

With state-of-the-art technology and fast-paced research, students preserved a virtual scan of the historic Honey Run Covered Bridge—and it may help bring it back.

Chico State professor Garrett Liles stands a podium as he speaks to a crowd of students.

What Can We Learn From the Dirt?

On this episode of Out of Curiosity, professor Garrett Liles explains why soil is "the most important thing on the earth."

Miliah Haslerig types on a laptop at the Career Fair.

With Alumni Donations, Business Students Dress the Part

Dressing to impress can be a struggle for qualified but cash-strapped business students seeking jobs. That's where the Professional Attire Fund comes in.

Alex Grant looks into the viewfinder of a camera as he records a press conference.

Next-Level News

In the crisis of the Camp Fire, The Orion reporters were not only learning the job on the fly, but providing critical updates to their community.

Professor Nandi Crosby speaks with a small group

How Do We Talk to Each Other About Race?

On this episode of the podcast, sociology professor Nandi Crosby-Jordan examines how cultural and racial differences can and should shape our conversations with each other.

Holly Nevarez, Peter Hansen, Jennifer Wilking, David Philhour, and Susan Roll (left to right) pose for a photo in City Plaza.

Campus Research Probes ‘Sit-Lie’

Chico State researchers perform an extensive case study to evaluate city policies impacting unsheltered people.

Joel Minden smiles in his office

Take Action, Demand Satisfaction: Managing Anxiety

On this episode of the podcast "Out of Curiosity," professor Joel Minden explains anxiety and suggests some strategies for managing it.

Josh Funk displays one of the models used in his short film, 3 Keys, at his home in Chico.

Hit Film “3 Keys” Opens Doors for Art Instructor

Deriving purpose from passion has been a form of art in itself for Josh Funk, filmmaker and Chico State instructor.

Janet Jackson and Barry Daffurn pose for a photo with three other men.

Cinq founder enjoying the sound of success

Alum Barry Daffurn has long embraced the world of digital distribution. Now he is the founder of Cinq Music Group, a Los Angeles-based music and entertainment management company with its finger on the pulse of digital music trends and distribution practices.

Josh Leavy smiles as he brews Resilience IPA in a container reading "San Francisco Brewing Co."

Beer-Crafting Alums Respond With Resilience

Answering the call to raise money for the Sierra Nevada Camp Fire Relief Fund, brewers from across the country have signed on to sell Resilience, an IPA crafted from donated ingredients and packaged in Sierra Nevada cans.

Camp Fire Survivors: In Their Own Words

Seven Camp Fire survivors opened up about their escapes, their lives since the fire broke out, and the ongoing challenges they face. Here are their accounts, in their own words, as shared for #WeAreChico.

Piles of donated goods sit on the lawn in front of the Phi Kappa Tau house, with a sign reading "Donate here."

Chico State Greeks Join Forces to Provide For Evacuees

With Phi Kappa Tau leading the way in rounding up donations, Chico State fraternities and sororities came together with a big day-one donation drive to provide for evacuees and victims of the Camp Fire.

Jessica Anthony prepares to take a call as her mother reviews application paperwork.

Answering the Call for Care

In the wake of the Camp Fire, all volunteers are being routed through the nonprofit Caring Choices. Students, employees, and alumni are helping lead the charge of vetting and assigning applicants where they are needed most.

Two hands hold an Army cap, which contains two dog tags, an American flag patch, and tags reading "Lewis" and "U.S. Army."

Who Helps the Heroes?

For help acclimating to civilian life and a college world starkly different from their military service, veteran students seek support from those who understand them best: other veterans.

Three men in protective eyewear do laser testing over a table.

Physics Research Institute Examines Space and Time

From using laser pulses to study reactions in unfathomably small time periods, to examining how stars behave over incredibly long ones, physics undergraduate researchers explored the universe this summer.

Aman Gill poses in dark lighting for a portrait.

Aman Gill Wants to be Your Friend

For Chico State's Outstanding Friend Award winner, kindness comes naturally. The charisma and warmth Amandeep Kaur Gill exudes stem from a genuine love of people.

Casey takes a selfie with two young girls at the Heart Walk

It all adds up for award-winning accounting alumna

As Ashley Casey has taken on greater challenges in her career as an accountant—making a professional name for herself on the state and national levels—she has also developed a love for giving back.

President Gayle Hutchinson laughs with graduate students Valerie Sgheiza and Mallory Peters as they stand on a dock on the Sacramento River.

Finding Answers in the River

An interdisciplinary team of Chico State faculty and graduate students conduct research on the Sacramento River to establish predictable patterns in drowning cases and create an app to aid law enforcement in decreasing recovery time.

The inside of a VR viewer headset as it's prepared to be placed on the head, from the photographer's perspective.

VR Class Brews up a Hit with Big-Name Partner

To further prove virtual and augmented reality's place in University curriculum, a new collaborative class partnered with a Chico legend: the world-renowned craft brewery Sierra Nevada.

Autumn Robertson paints a mural of a woman on a campus wall.

Ideas on the wall: Murals course shares art with the public

Through the process of pitching, commissioning, and completing projects, students learn a valuable lesson: There is much more to public art than the image.

Daniel Michelson, is an HFA outstanding student leader award winner, and a double major in music and engineering, works on his DIY musical instrument creations in the Ayres Art Shop.

Putting It All Together: Artist-Engineer Combines Creative Pursuits

A rare double major in mechanical engineering and music, Daniel Michelson has made a big impact on the Chico State music department while working toward his engineering career.

Elizabeth Konecny sits for a posed photo on a planter box by Meriam Library.

‘It’s Important to Know You’re Not Alone’: A Star Student’s Success Through Struggle

Elizabeth Konecny has endured repeated personal struggles on the way to being a standout student. One of her greatest challenges was not doing it alone.

Sergio Garcia leans on a counter, which holds a statue of blindfolded "Lady Justice," in front of a sign reading SCG.

DACA, Dreamers and Immigration: The Expert Explains

Lawyer Sergio C. Garcia has found much of the national immigration debate stems from common myths about the process. Here, he shares his personal and professional experiences to shed light on the truth.

Four students, two male and two female, stand in partial silhouette and smoky light.

Restless Dreamers

As a turbulent national attitude on immigration leaves Dreamers anxious and uncertain, four Chico State students share what is at stake. Their fates, and millions of others, hang in the balance.