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adrienne mcgraw

A sign for a museum exhibit that says, "Bombus! A Natural History of Bumble Bees"

Gateway Science Museum Presents a Pair of New Exhibits

From vital pollinators to nature’s most hilarious moments, the Gateway Science Museum features a pair of new exhibits to satisfy the curious and the light-hearted.

Two museum visitors interact with a new museum exhibit

Gateway Science Museum Exhibit Takes Visitors on a Water Drop’s Extreme Journey

The Gateway Science Museum's newest exhibit, "Water's Extreme Journey," explores the water cycle, while water cycle works, while asking critical questions about the choices we make in our everyday lives.

A museum space displays several different bicycles with a number of interactive displays against the walls.

Switching Gears: Gateway Science Museum’s New Exhibit All About Bikes

The Gateway Science Museum’s newest exhibit will explore the history, evolution and science of our beloved bikes.

Sean Nies uses a paintbrush to brush soil away from mastodon teeth.

New Gateway Exhibit Showcases Fossils Unearthed in Northern California

This extensive paleontology exhibit gives visitors a chance to explore our region’s rich evolutionary and geological history, including fossils from one of California's most remarkable discoveries.

A montage of exhibits at three different museums

Three CSU, Chico Locations Highlight Inaugural Butte County Museum Weekend

The wonder of lifelong learning is alive and well in Butte County—and three Chico State museums will play key roles in an upcoming weekend encouraging scholarship.

A stack of national publications report the significance of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon in 1969.

“Apollo at 50:” Local Scientists Commemorate History, Look Ahead

Lisa Westwood and Dave Schlom, local experts on the American space program, share their excitement for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, space heritage, and what the future holds for space travel.

Gateway Science Museum’s New Exhibit Commemorates Moon Landing, Celebrates Future Trip to Mars

This month, Chico State's Gateway Science Museum will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, while keeping an eye on the future, envisioning a landing on Mars.

A Chico State student works with a pulley display at the Gateway Science Museum's newest exhibit.

‘From Here to There,’ ‘American Wolves’ are the Newest Exhibits at the Gateway Science Museum

From things that float on water and in the air to those that roll on land, our world is in constant motion. And science is behind all of it.

Close up of an exhibit with a magnifying glass

Nanotechnology Will Be Under the Microscope at Gateway Science Museum’s New Exhibit: ‘Zoom Into Nano’

The Gateway Science Museum will focus on the microscopic world in its fascinating new exhibit, “Zoom into Nano,” a large-scale, immersive exploration of materials at the atomic scale.

One of the Gateway Science Museum's new exhibits, "Beauty and The Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change," will be on display in the Newberry Gallery through summer 2019.

Gateway Science Museum’s New Exhibit to Focus on Climate Change, Ecological Balance

Climate change, the power of photography and the intricate balance of ocean life take center stage in the newest exhibits at the Gateway Science Museum starting Saturday, May 26.

Adrienne McGraw in her office at the Gateway Science Museum

From National Parks to the North State: New Gateway Director Looks to Showcase Natural World Around Us

Growing up within the boundaries of several national parks, Adrienne McGraw was raised with a love and appreciation for the natural world. She's bringing that love of nature to her new job, as the executive director of Gateway Science Museum.

Museum goers walk in through the front entrance of the Gateway Science Museum.

The Brain and its Remarkable Role is Showcased at CSU, Chico’s Gateway Science Museum

New Gateway Science Museum exhibit explores the world inside your head.