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Chico State

Monica Soderstrom

Tracy Butts, Douglas Leiker, Angela Trethewey, Rashell Brobst, David Hassenzahl, Monica Soderstrom, Eddie Vela, Kathleen Grave, Terence Lau, Bill Dodd, Blake Wentz, Dan Wheeler, and President Gayle Hutchinson

Celebrating Our 2022 Distinguished Alumni

Through their work and their service, our 2022 Distinguished Alumni are an inspiration to us all, but especially our students as they, too, hope to transform tomorrow.

Monica Soderstrom stands behind a waist-high brick wall with a brick building behind her.

5 Questions with Community Health Director and Distinguished Alumna Monica Soderstrom

Whether working in a Haitian orphanage after graduation or supporting nurses during the Camp Fire, the public health needs of her community has always been the core of Monica Soderstrom's work.