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Amanda Rhine

Amanda Rhine

Amanda Rhine (English, '15; MA, English, '18) was the editorial assistant for University Communications at Chico State from June 2016 to April 2021. Formerly, she served as an editor for Watershed Review and an assistant editor for The Orion.

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Dramatic portrait of Deja Shevalier

Psychology Major Finds Passion in Realm of Research

Fascinated by psychology, Deja Shevalier has earned a reputation as an exceptional and curious student as she delves into the world of behavioral neuroscience.

Two outlines of human heads face one another surrounded by question marks and exclamation marks.

Psychology Class Views Prejudice Through an Objective Lens

In “Psychology of Prejudice, Hate, and Violence,” Professor Alex Wong and his students analyze the nature of prejudice as a basic human psychological need to generalize others in comparison to themselves—a trait that all human beings possess.

Mimi Baez reading a book.

How To: Be a Bookworm

English professor and writer Sarah Pape shares some tips on how to become a more avid reader without much effort.

Kendall Hall sits under partly cloudy skies.

Eleven Students Awarded Lt. Rawlins Merit Scholarships

The award—one of the largest and most prestigious at Chico State—celebrates scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding academic and professional accomplishments.

Office Hours: Psychology Faculty and Neuroscientist Shawn Bates

Professor Shawn Bates may be new to the Psychology Department, but he brings with him a longstanding passion for neuroscience, mentoring, and diversity in STEM.

Adriana De Casas from La Llorona Bakes home bakery.

Luck: The Secret Ingredient in Alum’s Home-Baked Business

Alumna Adriana De Casas ('17) found that turning her passion for baking into a home business was a piece of cake.

Professor Vanessa Esquivido teaching students about American Indians.

American Indian Studies Professor Fuels Teaching with Experience

As Nor Rel Muk Wintu, Hupa, and Xicana, Professor Vanessa Esquivido uses her cultural heritage, education, and personal experiences to shape conversations on difficulties Native Americans still face.

William Nitzky stands in the Valene L. Smith Museum with an exhibit behind him.

Office Hours: Anthropology Faculty and Documentarian Will Nitzky

Professor Will Nitzky wears many hats—museum director, professor, anthropologist—and he added one more with his directorial debut, Bang the Drum: Documentary.

Kendall Hall with spring flowers in the foreground

Chico State Honors Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Nine faculty, staff, and students are honored with the 15th Annual Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion Awards.

5 Questions with Alumnus Leon Warman

Amazon Robotics tech director Leon Warman ('80, '84) has followed a path of game-changing technological innovations that shaped the world as we now know it.

Tall bushes flank either side of a walkway leading up to Kendall Hall.

Nine Students Awarded Lt. Rawlins Merit Scholarships

The award—one of the largest and most prestigious at Chico State—celebrates scholarship, extracurricular activities, and outstanding academic and professional accomplishments.

Russell Shapiro poses with the found 15-million-year-old whale vertebrae fossil in Simi Valley.

No Bones About It: Fossil Find a Whale of a Mystery

Geological and environmental sciences professors Russell Shapiro and Todd Greene were called to collect mysterious 15-million-year-old fossils unearthed by an earthquake that rocked the Mojave Desert on July 4, 2019.

Marketing students tackle various marketing-related issues focused on the rebuilding of Paradise after the Camp Fire.

Planning a New Paradise

Marketing graduate students partner with the not-for-profit Rebuild Paradise Foundation to help resolve how to bring businesses and residents back to Paradise.

Vern Andrews conversing with students in his "Hip-Hop Culture" class fall 2019.

Contemporary Class ‘Hip-Hops’ Towards the Spotlight

Students take a hard look at the history, music, and societal issues behind hip-hop culture.

Rocky Dudum poses for a portrait in the stands of Petco Park.

5 Questions with Alumnus Rocky Dudum

As the manager of marketing and fan development for the San Diego Padres, Rocky Dudum shares how he turned his favorite pastime into a professional home run.

Marco Macotela stands on the second floor of the BMU with flags from around the world behind him.

Study Abroad Translates into Multiple Majors

After four stints studying abroad—and finding new disciplines to study at every turn—Marco Macotela graduated with four majors, three minors, and one certification.

David Turri, Ricardo Carrillo, and Jason Halley pose on campus.

And the Staff Excellence Awards Go to…

Staff Council honors Employee of the Year Ricardo Carrillo, Customer Service Award winner David Turri, and Wildcat Spirit Award winner Jason Halley.

Land steward coordinator Tom Mello helps with the Big Chico Creek Watershed Tour on April 14.

Putting Himself on the Map: A Nontraditional Student Finds His Place

Tom Mello couldn’t imagine himself as a college student, but after the Great Recession left him without a job and struggling as a single parent, the need for an education morphed into a passion for the physical geography major.

Joe Crotts posing for a photo in front of the "Meriam Library" sign in front of the library entrance.

Campus Gets a Little Less Colorful

When Joe Crotts retired, he left a legacy as one of Chico State’s longest-serving employees and campus icons.

Re-photograph blends a modern scenic Oaxaca landscape photo with a classic black and white photo

Worth Sharing: Faculty Opens Oaxaca Photo Exhibit Spanning 40 Years

Scott Brady, Geography and Planning, helps open an exhibit of Juan Ignacio Bustamante Vasconcelos' photographs and other faculty and staff achievements.

Stacks of books

Roll Call: Welcome, New Faculty!

The new school year has started not only for Chico State students, but also for 33 new faculty members, who are eager to motivate Wildcats to hit the books.

Braydan Young and Kris Rudeegraap point and discuss the content on their laptop.

Side Gig Percolates into Starbucks Partnership

Business administration alums build coffee gift card business into partnership with Starbucks, tapping into e-commerce boom.

The Inaugural Mace that will be used for President Hutchinson's inauguration is assembled at Red Hot Metal on Wednesday, February 23, 2017. (Jessica Bartlett/ Student Photographer)

New Face, New Mace: Special Staff Made for President’s Inauguration

With President Gayle E. Hutchinson's inauguration just around the corner, a new ceremonial mace chock-full of significance was crafted to honor the beginning to a new chapter in Chico State history.

Jay Bogiatto watches birds through a scope on a beach in Panama.

Professor Leads Annual Wild Goose Chase—Literally

During the annual Snow Goose Festival, Chico State biology professor and avid birder Jay Bogiatto leads a not-for-the-faint-of-heart birding field trip around the Northern Sacramento Valley.

Kym Crosby waves the American Flag and stands behind the Rio 2016 Paralympic sign.

‘Limited Sight, Limitless Dreams’: Chico Paralympian Wins Rio Bronze

Wildcat Kym Crosby didn't let visual impairment stop her from achieving her dream of earning a Paralympic medal in track.

Alum ‘Jells’ with Apple’s Ad Campaign

Alum shares photo on Instagram and becomes part of tech giant's worldwide advertising blitz.

#WhyITeach, Chico State Style

Fifty-one new faculty members joined the Chico State family in August. Each were asked to describe their motivation to teach. Here’s a sampling of what they said.

Biology Lab Goes Fishin’

A student research lab on campus uses fish to pursue treatments for blood-related diseases.

Alumni Pic’d in Annual Photo Contest

Three Chico State alumni have been recognized in a national photography contest—placing in the top 10 percent of more than 10,000 submissions.