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Chico State

Gayle Hutchinson

Gayle Hutchinson

Gayle Hutchinson is the 12th president of California State University, Chico. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physical education teacher education, a master’s in teaching analysis & curriculum development, and a doctorate of education in teacher education/staff development.

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President Hutchinson addresses an enthusiastic crowd with arms outstretched.

Reflections on Retirement

University President Gayle Hutchison reflects on her storied tenure as Chico State's top official, during her final semester.

President Hutchinson celebrates on the field with the women's soccer team.

Title IX Turns 50: Celebrating Advancements, Planning for Greater Change

Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on 50 years of Title IX.

Tracy Butts, Douglas Leiker, Angela Trethewey, Rashell Brobst, David Hassenzahl, Monica Soderstrom, Eddie Vela, Kathleen Grave, Terence Lau, Bill Dodd, Blake Wentz, Dan Wheeler, and President Gayle Hutchinson

Celebrating Our 2022 Distinguished Alumni

Through their work and their service, our 2022 Distinguished Alumni are an inspiration to us all, but especially our students as they, too, hope to transform tomorrow.

A book titled "There There" sits among a field of grass.

Book in Common Challenges Perception, Narrative of Native Tribes

President Hutchinson encourages participation on the Book in Common Reading Challenge as an opportunity to honor and learn about Native American communities and systemic racism.

An academic building stands in an early-morning sunshine

President Hutchinson Statement on Racist Graffiti Found on Campus

"Let me be clear, these cowardly and abhorrent acts are hate crimes. I want our BIPOC community to know that hate will not be tolerated and we must all work together to stop it."

President Gayle Hutchinson and her brother pose with their bikes on a cross-country trip.

Determining What ‘Do and Dare’ Means For Us All

President Gayle Hutchinson explores what "Do and Dare" means for her, reflecting on a diabetes diagnosis decades ago.

The sun shines through the trees on the Kendall Hall lawn.

A Lasting Commitment to Being Anti-Racist

Relegating Black history to one month each year is less than adequate if we are truly serious about combatting racism and ending violence against Black and brown people in this country. Black history is American history.

The sun filters golden light through the trees along the bank of Big Chico Creek.

Reflections on Gratitude and Resilience

President Gayle Hutchinson expresses thanks for the Wildcat community's resourcefulness, collaboration, innovation, humor, and determination amid unprecedented challenge.

Rose of Sharon shrub blooms outside of Kendall Hall

A Time to Focus on What Unites Us

President Gayle Hutchinson calls for the campus community to practice kindness and patience in the wake of the election, and to focus on what unites us to continue working toward a better future.

A plush Willie the Wildcat holds out an "I Voted" sticker in front of the university seal.

From the President: Let’s Vote!

President Gayle Hutchinson calls on the Wildcat community to do its part to ensure the largest voter turnout ever among our students.

A student holds up a climate change protest sign during a group demonstration on campus

Our Unwavering Commitment to Free Speech and Meaningful Dialogue

President Hutchinson reiterates the University's commitment and values as we support one another during the election season.

A person wearing a Martin Luther King Jr t-shirt and a Black Lives Matter pin locks arms with another person.

Challenging and Changing the Status Quo

"Let us be clear—Black lives matter." Leadership shares key actions planned this year to address racism and inequity on our campus and beyond.

The sun rises through the trees on campus

Chico State Strongly Supports Supreme Court’s DACA Decision

President Hutchinson applauds the decision by the US Supreme Court to reject the rescission of the DACA program.

Exterior of the University Police station

Modifications to University Police Chief Recruitment

President Hutchinson modifies new police chief appointment to an interim assignment, strengthens focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion

A view of Kendall Hall at Chico State

Together, Standing Against Racism

Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson and Associated Students President Bre Holbert express their thoughts about the recent protests that have gripped the country.

President Gayle Hutchinson sits in her home office, as she works from home like much of the rest of the University employees.

Reshaping the Way We Deliver Education

President Gayle Hutchinson highlights the courage and conviction that has shaped the spring semester amid COVID-19.

Kendall Hall with spring flowers in the foreground

Making the Right Choice in This Historic Moment

President Gayle Hutchinson stresses students' important role in flattening the COVID-19 curve by practicing physical distancing.

Blue skies and white clouds over the campus, with green grass and majestic trees.

Chico State Moves to Virtual Campus Through the End of Spring Semester

Chico State is moving to virtual delivery of instruction and most services for the remainder of the spring semester.

A view of campus with the Trinity Bell tower.

Suspension of In-Person Instruction Until April 24

Chico State will suspend face-to-face instruction from March 25 to April 24. The University will remain open and continue operating without interruption.

The southeast entrance to campus shows the faces of students, faculty, and staff on pole banners.

Cancellation of In-Person Classes March 13–24

President Gayle Hutchinson addresses plans to cancel three days of in-person classes in order to prepare to transition online instruction, should it become necessary due to COVID-19.

The sun sets behind a wide brick building with trees and grass in the foreground.

Thoughts on Spring 2020 Semester

President Hutchinson encourages students to be open to new perspectives and life experiences while creating a safe, inclusive environment for all.

President Hutchinson stands with students holding signs calling for action against climate change at a strike in city plaza.

Let’s Take a Stand for Our Planet

President Hutchinson invites campus community members to join her in taking immediate action to address climate change.

Trinity Tower stands out against a clear blue sky.

A Framework for Courageous Conversation

President Hutchinson addresses campus tensions, conflict, and policies around free expression on campus.

Kendall Hall as seen from the air, with CSU spelled out on tiles on the ground.

A Commitment to Inclusivity and Freedom of Expression

President Gayle Hutchinson speaks to the concept of balancing our values with freedom of expression.

President Hutchinson sits in her office and speaks on video about the Camp Fire anniversary

From the President: Reflections on the Camp Fire Anniversary

President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on the University's recovery and resilience since the Camp Fire and looks forward to our continued role as a neighbor and partner.

The sun sets behind a wide brick building with trees and grass in the foreground.

President Hutchinson Statement on Kincade Fire

President Gayle Hutchinson encourages Wildcats to look out for one another and expresses sympathy for communities impacted by wildfires burning throughout the state.

President Hutchinson and AS President Trevor Guthrie sit on a couch set up on the lawn of Trinity Commons to talk with students.

From the President: Our Reinvigorated Commitments

President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on her accomplishments—and those of the University.

An image of a sun rises behind a mountain and trees with the numbers 11 and 08 on either side.

85 Seconds of Silence

President Gayle Hutchinson shares details on the University's participation in a community-wide remembrance of the lives lost in the Camp Fire.

President Hutchinson stands at a podium below a Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame banner.

The Power of Sport

After her induction into the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame, President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on how sports shaped her life.

A matrix of the Strategic Plan lights up on a screen on the Harlen Adams Theatre stage to a crowd of hundreds in the audience.

On the Path to Preeminence

President Gayle Hutchinson invites the community to join her in a deeper look at the Strategic Plan and how it will shape Chico State.

The character Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" as other actors pose behind her.

Let’s Learn, Together

President Hutchinson invites the campus and community to take part in upcoming events that showcase the University's spirit of lifelong learning.

The face of Kendall Hall is shown in late afternoon.

From the President: Facing Security Concerns and Racism on Campus

A message from President Hutchinson on ensuring a safe learning community for all after the behavior of a community member left campus feeling unsettled.

Trinity Hall amid a glowing orange sky.

From the President: Recounting the Camp Fire

President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on the Camp Fire, as well as how we will rise as a community to recover and rebuild.

Kendall Hall Lawn alight with a sunset glow filtering through the redwood trees.

From the President: The Time is Now to Take Action on Climate Neutrality

With no time to wait to take action, our faculty, students, and staff are doing their part at Chico State as we work together toward climate neutrality.

The southeast entrance to campus shows the faces of students, faculty, and staff on pole banners.

From the President: Innovating for our Future

President Hutchinson invites the campus community to engage in the Strategic Plan, Master Plan, and WASC Accreditation processes underway this fall.

The flame logo emblem is seen in stain glass on Kendall Hall

Addressing Racism and Consent

University leadership addresses the social justice issues of racism and consent in the wake of a photo of a student circulating on social media.

The sun filters through the trees over Kendall Hall.

President Hutchinson’s End-of-Semester Message

As the semester draws to a close, President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on highlights and achievements since January.

The sun sets behind the University sign on the Kendall Hall lawn on an early mid-spring evening.

From the President: Decision on Proposed Campus Fee Adjustments

Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson announces her decision on the three proposes student fee increases.

Student walks across campus

From the President: Outcome of Student Fee Increase Advisory Vote

President Gayle Hutchinson shares the outcome of student fee advisory vote and timeline for decision.

Dennis Murphy stands in the Concrete Lab, which his donations helped renovate.

Dennis Murphy to Receive Honorary Degree

In light of the lives he helps change every day—here and across the Pacific Northwest—businessman, philanthropist, and '94 alumnus Dennis Murphy returns to campus to receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters.