As we welcome in a new year, we asked a few Wildcats to share what they are looking forward to in 2020. Whether they will be diving deeper into their studies or wrapping up their time as an undergraduate, we are excited to hear the bold visions they are setting for their next chapters.

Sophie Williams stands amid rows of library books.

Sophie Williams
Sophomore, Exercise Physiology
Hometown: San Diego

For 2020, I am very excited about getting back into what originally brought me into studying my major—my love for medicine and my love of learning in itself. I’ve worked really hard and burned myself out a little bit, but I am excited to take a step back and see what the next semester has in store for me.

Hunter Fields poses for a portrait.

Hunter Fields
Senior, Psychology and Business Administration
Hometown: San Bernardino

I’m looking forward to working with my tribe, the Paiute tribe, in Bishop. I will be going back over the summer and working in its social work program. I’ll be working with the high school students in the tribe, helping them get more informed on college. I’ll also be helping them with what they can expect when they attend the college of their choosing as first-year students. I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m excited for this new opportunity!

Ryan Maran poses for a portrait.

Ryan Maran
Senior, Art Studio
Hometown: Paradise

I’m looking forward to continuing what I’m doing now—making props for movies and replica costumes, as well as starting my own business. My next step after I graduate this semester is to open up my own foundry. I plan to continue to implement the skills I’ve acquired here at Chico State, such as bronze and aluminum pours, and making and selling props to customers.

Janette Estrada poses for a portrait in a sculpture.

Janette Estrada
Senior, Journalism
Hometown: Chico

What I’m looking forward to in 2020 are new job opportunities. I’m a journalism major, so getting a job in the broadcasting field is my goal. With that, I hope to educate the public on topics that are important—for example, politics. I believe it is my duty to be objective in my reporting and distributing the facts. I think my goal for 2020 is anything that can help others make educated choices.

Timothy Motter walks down the promenade with a keyboard under one arm.

Timothy Motter
Junior, Music
Hometown: Santa Maria

I’m looking forward to all the opportunities here at Chico State in 2020. I’m excited to learn more in my classes in my major and field of study of recording arts. Specifically, I’m excited to take Paul Young’s “Music Industry” class next semester and have the opportunity to get an introduction into and study the music industry business.

Darryl Aurea sits on a brick bench with Kendall Hall in the background.

Darryl Aurea
Sophomore, Exercise Physiology
Hometown: Stockton

For myself, I’m looking forward to working hard in school and being the best person I can, both academically and socially. As a whole, I hope 2020 goes well for the whole world. I know the elections are coming up too, so I hope we elect someone that will help our country and has everyone’s best interests in mind.