By Quinn Western, social media and photography intern

A Mission to Satisfy Hungry College Students By Saving Time

Lunch is now just a few taps away.tapingo

Tapingo is a smartphone app used on smartphones for browsing, ordering, and purchasing food and drinks. The free app has turned up at many schools across the country including University of Southern California, New York University, University of Arizona, and now, Chico State.

The yellowish-orange homepage shows which eateries are open on campus, how far away they are, and the estimated wait-in-line time. So even if your legs are faster than your thumbs, you can see how long getting your coffee or food will take once you get there.

Ordering on your phone is simple after you add your credit or Wildcat card info. When you place an order, the app shows in real time the estimated time until your order is up. Don’t want to order EXACTLY what’s listed on the menu? You can add your six espresso shots with extra caramel drizzle in a notes box when placing your order.


Fresh Faces on Campus Greeted with Fresh Food

When freshmen and transfer students take their first few steps on campus, it’s common for there to be nerves—new school, new roommate(s), and new food.

But a trip to Sutter Dining instantly alleviates worries about the last item. The Willy Wonka-like decor is a bright welcome when stepping through the glass doors, and the food has just as much appealing variety, including Korean BBQ, pizza, street tacos, chicken wraps, and vegetarian options.

Mariah Atkins, a three-time RA and Sutter Dining veteran, said the best treats to devour are the cookies and smoothies.

“Sutter Dining was such an amazing luxury to have available to me,” Atkins said. “The dining staff is always friendly and willing to accommodate those with dietary needs.”

It’s pretty hard to make a bad choice at Sutt-Sutt, but this author’s personal favorite is a panini from Sutter Cafe. Plan out your dining experience with their online weekly menu here.