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‘Cat Tales: Valentine’s Day Edition!

Tony Munoz and Steven Huff, spreading the love on Valentine's Day 2015
(Cory Hackbarth/Student Photographer)

Tony Munoz and Steven Huff, spreading the love on Valentine’s Day on Friday February 13th, 2015 in Chico, Calif. (Cory Hackbarth/Student Photographer)

By Jeff Barron, social media and photography intern

If you’re connected to Chico State on Facebook (and even if you’re not), there’s a good chance you’ve already seen our Valentine’s Day video. Viewed by more than 80,000 times in less than a week, the response has been incredible, and your feedback so positive. It shows how Wildcats embrace the idea that love can be shared by everyone, whether it’s romantic love, friendship, or simply a love for life.

In case you missed it:

What does 80,000 viewers look like? It’s more than four times the current student enrollment at Chico State, and enough people to fill the entirety of the London 2012 Olympic Stadium.

Brazil V Mexico London 2012 Olympic Final
London 2012 Olympic Stadium, which holds 80,000 people | Photo by Roger Lighterness

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  • Other statistics about the video include
  • 213,248 people reached
  • 3,946 total likes
  • 609 total comments

But, it doesn’t stop there! We posted requests on all our social media platforms for Chico State love stories. We received so many responses, and it would be selfish of us to not share them with our readers! Click here for a showcase of some of the stories submitted.

Chico Love | Photo Contributed by Amber Sloan