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Trinity Tower basks in the glow of sunset.

Worth Sharing: Chico State Music Degrees Listed Among State’s Best

A listing of professional achievements by Chico State faculty, staff, and students.

A person walks across a campus bridge, toward the rising sun.

Bold Visions for 2020

Whether wrapping up their time as an undergraduate or diving deeper into their studies, Wildcats are making big plans for the year ahead.

Pengcheng sits on the floor of a classroom surrounded by small children in uniform.

Study Abroad Experience Ignites Self-Discovery

English education major Pengcheng Xiong returned to his parents' homeland and experienced a true connection with his Hmong identity.

President Hutchinson stands with students holding signs calling for action against climate change at a strike in city plaza.

Let’s Take a Stand for Our Planet

President Hutchinson invites campus community members to join her in taking immediate action to address climate change.

A stack of wrapped holiday gifts sits on a table.

Discovering the Joy of Giving

Longtime Joy of Giving volunteer Nicole Davis invites others to share in the spirit of the holiday fundraiser and attend its reception.

The sun peers through a canopy of trees on the Chico State campus near the creek.

The Long Process of Healing and Recovery

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Judith Thompson reflects on the immediate and ongoing trauma Camp Fire survivors continue to experience—and how to support healing.

A map of the United States has red dots scattered across it showing where people have relocated after the Camp Fire.

Mapping a Displaced Population

New maps from an interdisciplinary team of researchers begin to reveal the how, why, and where Camp Fire survivors have moved.

Two people sing into microphones as others play instruments behind them on a stage.

Transforming Recovery into Revival

Junior Baylie Hammitt reflects on how she and students in "Special Event Planning and Operation" helped plan, market, and host the Paradise Revival Festival.

Kelsea Kennedy walks down a path on campus near a pole banner that reads "Today Decides Tomorrow"

‘This Is Not Where It Ends’

With the Camp Fire anniversary approaching, five Wildcat survivors update us in their own words on their ongoing challenges and glimmers of hope.

A map of the United States shows South Carolina and Chico connected by a heart in each state and a swirling dotted line between the two.

One Year Later and 3,000 Miles Away

Savannah Anderson (English, '19) reflects on how Chico State's compassion and community in the wake of the Camp Fire are a presence in her life across the country.

Matt Fidler sits at a table with two microphones on the table and two more microphones behind him, and with headphones draped around his neck.

5 Questions with Alumnus Matt Fidler

Matt Fidler (Music, ’01) is a producer at NSPR, and recently produced a five-part podcast series titled "California Burning."

A woman sits on a bench surrounded by beautiful trees.

5 Questions with Distinguished Alum Liza Nagel

Liza Nagel (Child Development, ’80) is a former educator, having taught for 15 years at the University of New Mexico. Nagel is one of eight distinguished alumni to be honored by the University this fall.

President Hutchinson stands at a podium below a Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame banner.

The Power of Sport

After her induction into the Connecticut Field Hockey Hall of Fame, President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on how sports shaped her life.

Brad Kaufman stands in front of an elaborate piping system wearing a hard hat and yellow vest.

5 Questions With Distinguished Alumnus Brad Kaufman

As senior vice president for Kiewit Energy Group, Brad Kaufman oversees oil, gas, and chemical projects across the United States, Canada, and Australia.

David Keyawa leans on a handrail in front of some farming equipment.

5 Questions with Distinguished Alum David Keyawa

David Keyawa (Agriculture, ’81) is a co-owner of Keyawa Orchards, established in 1956 by his parents, Eugene and Dorothy Keyawa, and also owns Tri-Counties Walnut Hulling with his brother, Ron.

A matrix of the Strategic Plan lights up on a screen on the Harlen Adams Theatre stage to a crowd of hundreds in the audience.

On the Path to Preeminence

President Gayle Hutchinson invites the community to join her in a deeper look at the Strategic Plan and how it will shape Chico State.

Todd Bishop sits in the studio for his podcast

5 Questions with Distinguished Alum Todd Bishop

Todd Bishop (Journalism, Business Administration, ’96) is a co-founder and editor at GeekWire, a Seattle-based news site covering national technology trends.

Phillip Maltin smiles with his arms folded outside of a building

5 Questions With Distinguished Alum Phillip Maltin

Trial lawyer Phillip Maltin reflects on the education that paved the way for a fascinating career in law—and in reading people.

Darryl Schoen smiles with his arms folded in front of trees and Trinity Hall.

5 Questions with Distinguished Alum Darryl Schoen

One of eight distinguished alumni to be honored the University this fall, entrepreneur Darryl Schoen has never forgotten the value of his Chico Experience.

Willie high-fives two students outside Kendall Hall.

First-Day Impressions

First-year and transfer students who are new to Chico State this semester share how their first day as a Wildcat went.

Michelle McIntosh smiles and holds a Chico State alum pennant at her Mering Carson office.

5 Questions With Alumna Michelle McIntosh

Michelle McIntosh, an account executive at Mering Carson ad agency, sat down with us during a local alumni event to chat about her Chico State experience and how it's equipped her in her current career.

Chico State graduate Mark Nielsen works at Pixar Animation Studios.

5 Questions With Alumnus Mark Nielsen

Mark Nielsen has transformed a childhood love of movies into a remarkable career at Pixar Animation Studios, most recently working as a producer on "Toy Story 4."

North State Public Radio's Sarah Bohannon poses and smiles in front of a rust-colored fence with leaves from bushes behind her.

5 Questions with Alumna Sarah Bohannon

When Sarah Bohannon (Journalism, '13) began covering the Camp Fire for North State Public Radio, the already-accomplished news director was about to embark on a new project: the National Edward R. Murrow Award-winning program "After Paradise."

LeRoy Alaways smiles for a photo in front of Kendall Hall wearing a shirt that says "Dad toughest job you will ever love."

5 Questions With Alumnus LeRoy Alaways

Alumnus LeRoy Alaways went from the almond orchards of Durham to becoming the voice of authority on the curveball.

Jack Jenkins portrait outside a brick campus building

5 Questions with Alumnus Jack Jenkins

After discovering his entrepreneurial drive selling mistletoe as a child and launching several successful businesses in adulthood, Jack Jenkins ('78) reflects on his path.

President Hutchinson and Joseph Arballo pose for a selfie at graduation, both in their regalia.

On to New Beginnings

Just before his second semester, Joseph Arballo lost his grant to pay for college. With support from the University, he was able to stay in school and graduate, and is now on his way to a PhD program.

Elizabeth, in a Student Philanthropy Council t-shirt, brightly greets a student and their parents at the Family Weekend BBQ

Paying It Forward

Alumna Elizabeth Face shares how Chico State helped her reach her dream public relations job and why she gives back.

Valerie Olivares holds a framed award.

Embracing My Differences

First-generation student Valerie Olivares reflects on how she overcame feeling out of place in college.

Cecilia Apolinar smiles for a photo.

César Chávez’s Legacy: Reflections From the Field

Senior Cecilia Apolinar, who worked in the fields and interned with United Farm Workers, feels the impact of César Chávez’s advocacy.

President Hutchinson and 10 of the 12 CSU women presidents sit around Dianne Feinstein at a conference table.

From ‘The Hill’: Women’s History—and Future

President Hutchinson shares her experience meeting powerful women politicians in D.C.

Illustration of a person kneeling and holding out a heart to a person who is huddled up and appears to be under a dark cloud

How To: Help Someone in Pain

How do you speak to a loved one has experienced loss or trauma? Psychology professor and therapist Kyle Horst offers some tips.

Camp Fire Survivors: In Their Own Words

Seven Camp Fire survivors opened up about their escapes, their lives since the fire broke out, and the ongoing challenges they face. Here are their accounts, in their own words, as shared for #WeAreChico.

Kendall Hall Lawn alight with a sunset glow filtering through the redwood trees.

From the President: The Time is Now to Take Action on Climate Neutrality

With no time to wait to take action, our faculty, students, and staff are doing their part at Chico State as we work together toward climate neutrality.

The southeast entrance to campus shows the faces of students, faculty, and staff on pole banners.

From the President: Innovating for our Future

President Hutchinson invites the campus community to engage in the Strategic Plan, Master Plan, and WASC Accreditation processes underway this fall.

Michaela Marr studies needles on a tree.

Opting Outside: Students Plunge Into Watershed for Immersive Course

One class spent two incredible weekends camping on Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve and exploring study sites ranging from the Sacramento River all the way upstream to the creek headwaters, to understand how the watershed works as a whole and learn about the wildlife that exists there.

Donna Humphrey stands before the columns at Laxson Auditorium.

Dreams Are Possible at Any Age

In high school, Donna Humphrey broke the difficult news to her mother she was not planning on attending college. Thirty-three years later, her mom is driving from Colorado to Chico to watch her graduate with her master's degree.

Students embrace at a rally held on campus.

The Power of a Dream

A special message from California State University, Chico President Gayle Hutchinson.

Willie the Wildcat surfs in Hawaii.

How To: Get the Most Out of your Summer Travels

International travel expert and professor Matthew Stone shares 12 tips to maximize your summer vacation experience.

President Gayle Hutchinson along with other Chico State faculty sit with those from the UAE around a conference table.

From Chico to the UAE—In Pursuit of Partnerships

President Gayle Hutchinson reflects on relationship opportunities during a trip to visit alumnae Sheika Lubna Khalid Al Qasimi and Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al Qasimi in the United Arab Emirates.

Samia Yaqub smiles in her office at Buttee College.

Distinguished Alumni Share Words of Wisdom

2018 Distinguished Alumni share their advice for graduating seniors and young alums.