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Chico State

Health and Wellness

Crash Course: The Good Life Vs. The End of the World

Two GE courses offered by the College of Humanities and Fine Arts evoke very different ideas: one of existential dread and the other enlightenment and happiness. Yet both encourage students to ask some of life’s age-old questions.

Pa Yang sits on a brick wall in the shade of a giant oak tree in front of Kendall Hall.

Connecting Generations Through Understanding

On the cusp of receiving her master’s in psychology, Pa Yang (Psychology, ’21) reflects on the value of her work and the ideas behind it: making her community stronger, more connected, and (hopefully) happier.

Gretta Kirkby and two of her fellow interns pose in gloves, lab coats, masks, and face shields.

Student-Athlete Captures CalHOPE Courage Award

Gretta Kirkby, winner of the CalHOPE Courage Award, is using the opportunity to remind her peers to reach out for help if they need it.

Ty Weber, dressed in a suit, sits at a desk.

Can Psychedelic Drugs Treat Mental Illness? One Grad Student’s Quest to Find Out

Chico State graduate student Ty Weber is collecting data to research whether psychedelic drugs may be helpful in treating mental health disorders.

A Space for Students to Practice Self-Care

With high rates of depression and anxiety among college students nationwide, Chico State has added an on-campus resource to help our Wildcats get to graduation, both healthy and happy.

Students do exercises in a gym

PARADISE U Helps Elementary Students Rediscover the Joy of Movement 

PARADISE U, a physical education program created by kinesiology professor Cathrine Himberg, helps students discover the benefits and joy of movement.

Nicholas Esparza looks through the high vacuum chamber in the ultracold lab.

Student Researchers Share Insight into Summer Projects

CSC² has supported nearly 300 students in undergraduate research projects across the three colleges.

Blake Ellis poses next to a tree

Alumna Chooses Nature to Nurture Others

Blake Ellis is at the leading edge of harnessing the natural world’s healing powers—even when that environment itself may trigger anxiety.

Colin Wiseman on a boat.

Bringing Mental Health to Light

Chico State alumni and family find healing through mental health awareness advocacy and the creation of a Senate bill to improve youth mental health in schools.

Kendall Hall with spring flowers in the foreground

Chico State Students to Present Research at Statewide Competition

Ten Chico State student delegates will compete against scholars statewide at the California State University’s 36th annual Statewide Research Competition.

Photo of Kendall Hall seen through the branches of bloomed flowers.

Faculty Showcase Offers Chance to Be ‘Inspired’

Three faculty members who published amid the pandemic share their passions and stories of persistence.

Juanita Mottley sits on a concrete bench with flowers to her right and in front of the Student Health Center

5 Questions with WellCat Services Director Juanita Mottley

As executive director of WellCat Services, Juanita Mottley oversees both physical and mental health services for the campus—while also leading the University's COVID-19 response as its pandemic manager.

A nursing student wearing protective gear holds a syringe that contains the vaccine against the coronavirus.

Nursing Students Serve on the Frontlines Against COVID-19

Doing their part to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, students from Chico State's School of Nursing are volunteering at local sites to provide much-needed testing and administer long-awaited vaccinations.

Chico State nursing student Elyse Fontana poses and sits on a desk

Nursing Students Tackle COVID-19 Contact Tracing

In need of public health clinical hours to fulfill their graduation requirement, students from the School of Nursing served their communities as COVID-19 contact tracers.

A woman and small boy sit on a specialized swing near the words "Serving the Spectrum."

Serving the Spectrum

For nearly 20 years, Chico State has supported North State children with autism and their families through multisensory services at our Autism Clinic.

A view of campus with the Trinity Bell tower.

Faculty Expert: Public Health Chair Holly Nevarez

Holly Nevarez explains how COVID-19 will change the landscape of the public health profession and society for years to come.

Student-Athletes Urge Peers to Scratch the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

Chico State's Student-Athlete Advisory Committee created a resource page for Mental Health Awareness Month and kicked off a campaign aimed to end mental health stigma. #ScratchTheStigma

Jessica stands in front of shelves of food.

Student Leads Swipe Against Hunger

After struggling to meet her basic needs early in her life, Jessica Ramirez is fighting food insecurity on campus with Swipe Against Hunger.

Autism Clinic Helps Build Skills for Life

Chico State's Autism Clinic serves children on the autism spectrum—strengthening their gross motor skills while lifting their confidence.

An illustration by Jenn Liv for Genentech shows blue cancerous cells amid a sea of purple healthy cells.

Every Two Minutes

Every two minutes, a new case of breast cancer is diagnosed in the United States. Meet three alumni whose lives are driven by these tiny yet deadly cells.

John Aylworth seated at a table with bottles of serum and several injectors.

Business Alumnus Brings Biotech to Chico

Alum John Aylworth pivoted from orthopedics to his own blossoming biotech company—then moved it back to Chico.

Two students smile and together hold a knee brace prototype.

Rehab By Robot: Students Research ACL Solutions

Two students' CSC2 research project aims to use robot power to help rehabilitate healing knees.

Illustration of a person kneeling and holding out a heart to a person who is huddled up and appears to be under a dark cloud

How To: Help Someone in Pain

How do you speak to a loved one has experienced loss or trauma? Psychology professor and therapist Kyle Horst offers some tips.

Joel Minden smiles in his office

Take Action, Demand Satisfaction: Managing Anxiety

On this episode of the podcast "Out of Curiosity," professor Joel Minden explains anxiety and suggests some strategies for managing it.

Cathrine Himberg poses while her students move in a blur in the background

How To: Go From Thinking About Exercise to Actually Doing It

Sometimes the gap between wanting to be physically active and actually doing it can feel as wide as the Grand Canyon. Kinesiology professor Cathrine Himberg offers some tips.

A student holds a young child in her arms at the Kristina Chesterman Memorial Clinic.

Living Her Dream

The opening of the Kristina Chesterman Memorial Clinic in Nigeria marked a dream come true, not only for its namesake but for faculty, classmates, and students who follow in her footsteps.

Student Nurse Kaetlyn Alvarez works at the Barton Memorial Hospital in South Lake Tahoe over the winter session as part of her nursing preceptorship in the Rural California Nursing Preceptorship program. Nursing students receive 150 hours of hands-on clinical experience over three weeks. (Jessica Bartlett/University Photographer)

Little Town Lifelines

The only program of its kind in the nation, Chico State's Rural California Nursing Preceptorships program gives nursing students 150 hours of valuable hands-on learning in a clinical setting, while providing rural hospitals with extra staffing they so greatly need.

Liz Bianchini performs lab work

On the Hunt for Avian Influenza Virus

While the work may be dirty, the goal is more glamorous. Chico State virologist Troy Cline and students are identifying avian influenza viruses in waterfowl in hopes of preventing threats to human health and the US poultry industry.

Professor Mariah Kornbluh lectures a psychology class.

Psychologist Fills Brand-New Campus Position: Mariah Kornbluh Embraces Title of Chico State’s First Community Psychologist

Joining Chico State's Department of Psychology faculty as the first community psychologist, Mariah Kornbluh combines laboratory research and community outreach to foster civic engagement in her classroom.

Cathrine Himberg teaches during her Intermediate Yoga (KINE169B) class.

Advocacy for Quality Physical Education Has a Home

After the release of her documenary "No Excuses!" in 2014, Catherine Himberg and graduate student Kevin Shepard developed a website designed to support, coach, and guide physical education teachers around the country.