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Class Notes: Fall 2022

A crape myrtle flowers in front of an academic building.
Jason Halley / University Photographer


Tim Driver

Tim Driver (Political Science, ’72) never expected to see his 1971 championship football ring again. The beloved piece of jewelry slipped off in Big Chico Creek while he was swimming near Bear Hole 50 years ago, never to be found—until this summer. An individual discovered it near Teichert Ponds in Chico in almost perfect condition and turned it in to the Chico Police Department, which used the 1971 Camellia Bowl championship game program and the ring’s initials, TED, to track down Tim on Facebook. When he came to Chico for the annual football team reunion in July, he was able to slip the ring back on his finger and reminisce once again about the iconic game with his former teammates. Now living in Sacramento, he plans to make a display case to showcase it and keep it safe, while he wears the replacement he had made after its initial disappearance.

Phillip Elkins (Sociology, ’71) wrote and published a book titled My Year in Vietnam (How I Managed to Survive June 1966 to June 1967), which describes his experience being drafted out of East Los Angeles into the Army during the Vietnam War, where he spent time as a medic. Phil works as a DJ in Chico under the name Señor Felipe, and he is radio host of LA Sounds on KZFR.

Alan  and Kathy Adams

Alan (General Anthropology, ’72; MA, ’75) and Kathy (Kohler) Adams (Humanities, ’72) celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this June. The couple met at Chico State when Kathy took bowling as an elective on a whim. Alan happened to be a member of the Chico State Bowling Team, and their stars aligned at the 10-lane Chico Bowl. Both first-generation college graduates, the couple share many fond memories of their time in Chico. Their first date was at a concert on campus, and they spent many days strolling in Bidwell Park, attending campus film festivals, and playing albums in the listening rooms at the BMU. The couple married a week after graduating in 1972. They moved to Olympia, Washington, in the late ’70s, where they raised two children and are now enjoying retirement.

William Foey (Art, ’73) published his eighth novel, The Queen and the Empress, which chronicles the relationship between Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Cixi, the Dowager Empress of China. This new addition to William’s growing catalogue of work is a fascinating study of the rivalry between these two women as they discover their own identities and self-worth amidst the male-dominated world of the 19th century.

Anthony Colburn (Physical Education, ’74) recently published his first historical novel, The Golden City, set in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and western Nevada around the turn of the 19th century—the great earthquake of 1906 is also a central feature. While attending Chico State, Tony was a member of the track and field team under coach Larry Burleson. He is enjoying retirement photographing waterfalls and flying in his hot air balloon with his wife, Claire, in North Carolina.

Barclay Livker (Computer Science, ’75) has retired as a certified public accountant, a chartered financial analyst, and financial planner.

Leonard Weingarten (Recreation Administration, ’76) was elected vice president of the Emeritus Students College of Marin. Through the Lepage Center for Global Innovation at the Barowsky School of Business at Dominican University of California, he recently mentored a group of students who came in first place in a business idea competition!

Jeffrey Armstrong (Attended, ’79) has retired as district manager for Michael’s Stores, Inc.

Larry Jenson (Chemistry, ’79) went on to receive a doctorate of dental surgery from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree in philosophy from San Francisco State. He practiced general dentistry for 30 years and became a professor of clinical dentistry at UCSF where he taught restorative dentistry, cardiology, dental ethics, and practice management. He lives in the Bay Area where he designs and builds furniture and enjoys travel and cooking with his wife, Deborah.

Kathleen Belzer

Kathleen Belzer (Nursing, ’86) A certified nurse midwife practicing in California for 27 years, Kathleen is known statewide as a leader for fair and equal maternity care and midwives’ rights to provide treatment. As former president of the California Nurse Midwives Association, a chief contributor to the recently passed Senate Bill 1237 (the Justice and Equity in Maternity Act), and founding member of the California Nurse-Midwives Foundation, her efforts are laser-focused on diversifying the midwife workforce. Belzer is driving change by creating and funding ways for people of color to train in the field and by supporting legislation to address race-based disparities and improve maternal health outcomes—especially for underserved and marginalized communities. One of the best ways to improve outcomes for people of color, she said, is to have other people of color caring for them. She currently works at Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano and is lecturing at Dominican University of California this fall.


Craig Odom (Economics, ’82) recently retired as a math teacher from the Kern High School District.

Marc Edson (Communication Design, ’83) lives in Chico where he has been in charge of the Chico Theater Company for the last 19 years. The theater produces about eight shows per year, serves 12,000-plus patrons, and has been consistently voted “Best of Chico” in the annual Chico News & Review survey. Marc’s parents are also Wildcats! His mother, Veva Edson (Sociology, ’71), and his father, Kenneth Edson (Psychology, ’57, Credential, ’58), who worked at the University for nearly 30 years as director of admissions and records, were proud he continued the Chico State tradition.

Louise Miller (History, ’83; MA, Education, ’10) is the principal of Yuba Environmental Science Charter Academy, a free public charter school for K–8 education, with a focus on applying the scientific method through hands-on learning. Louise also is a member of the California Native Plant Society, the Xerces Society, and the Yuba Watershed Protection and Fire Safe Council, and she is a Wildfire Mitigation Review Program volunteer.

Kenneth Siegler (Business Administration, ’84) is vice president of professional managed services for the Unisys Corporation, an American multinational information technology services and consulting company.

Nancy Davis (English, Spanish, ’85; Credential, ’87) has retired from teaching after 32 years. She spent the last 20 years of her career with the Marysville Joint Unified School District and was twice awarded the district’s “Educators Who Make a Difference Award” for her work.

Forrest Melton (Industrial Arts, ’85) is the owner of Blue Sky Festivals and Events in Chico, which produces a variety of celebrations including Chico Summerfest, the Paradise on Ice Winter Wonderland, and the Concert on the Lawn during Wildcat Weekend. Forrest is the also secretary of the Lambda Pi Alumni Association and works in student travel and youth empowerment. He has five children and lives in Chico with his wife, Ronelle, and two teenage daughters.

Todd Furman (Philosophy, ’86) is a professor of philosophy at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and plans to open his own clinic for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder, focusing on children, teens, and young adults. After Chico State, he earned a PhD in philosophy from UC Santa Barbara and an MA in psychology, and became a board-certified behavior analyst.

Peter Melton (Information and Communication Studies, ’87) works as an emcee and event producer for Blue Sky Festivals and Events in Chico, and in student travel and youth empowerment. He is also an emcee for weddings and various celebrations, has worked as a host for several Oktoberfests around Southern California, and has played the role of Santa Claus throughout Northern California, including at the Paradise Tree Lighting Ceremony. Peter lives in Watsonville and spends his time writing children’s fables and perfecting his skills at being a favorite uncle.

Gregory Melton (Agriculture, ’88) is the owner of Melton Design Group, a Chico-based landscape architecture company in business for the past 23 years. Greg specializes in park design and has been involved in the design or redesign of many parks in Chico and throughout California, Nevada, and Oregon, including Chico City Plaza, Caper Acres, and Turtle Bay Exploration Park. He is currently working with the city of Paradise to design Hope Plaza, a landmark in tribute to the Camp Fire. He lives in Chico with his wife, Christa, and their four children.

Caroline Wiseman (Psychology, ’88) has retired after teaching elementary school for 30-plus years in Marin County. After losing her son, Colin, to suicide in 2013, she, her husband, Graham, daughter Nicole (Psychology, ’21), and friend Gail have also started BeingwellCA, a nonprofit organization to improve mental health in California schools. Caroline speaks throughout the Bay Area, providing schools, parents, students, and communities with workshops, toolkits, and training to improve and advocate for mental health support. BeingwellCA is trying to pass Senate Bill 21—the Mental Health Awareness License Plate Bill—to “bring mental health to light, even if it’s just a traffic light.”


Samuel Ray (International Relations, ’90) has combined his education in global relations with his interest in psychology—particularly narcissism and bullying—by building a career that merges international strategy, writing, and traveling. He is a contributing writer for DemCast, a grassroots online media forum, where he writes about politics and psychology. Sam also fulfilled a lifelong dream by publishing his first book in 2018, titled Are All Americans Stupid?: The Unifying Theory of Stupidity, Greed, Authoritarianism, Lies, Evil & Trumpism. He is currently writing an article on the psychology of hypocrisy.

Sean Garry

Sean Garry (Mechanical Engineering, ’92) is the director of mechanical engineering at Ball Aerospace in Boulder, Colorado. He has been in the industry for more than 19 years including numerous roles and locations with Lockheed Martin, supporting and leading the development, design, build, test, and launch of world-first technologies. Prior to aerospace, Sean worked at a photonics start-up in the Silicon Valley where he supported its rapid growth through IPO. After graduating from Chico State, Sean earned a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Denver.

Kevin Carraro (Psychology, ’95) has been promoted to executive director of Behavioral Educational Services, Inc., to oversee schools that service students who have behavioral, academic, and social-emotional challenges. After leaving Chico State, he earned an MBA from Everest University. He resides in Melbourne, Florida.

Trevor Caulder (Electrical Engineering, ’95) recently moved positions within the multinational technology company Nvidia Corporation. He now works in marketing and developer relations driving distributions per unit with the company’s independent software vendors. He is loving the fresh change!

Rosina Kirkland (Liberal Studies, ’95) is the coordinator of English learner services for the Twin Rivers Unified School District and married to her college sweetheart and Chico State alum Kenneth Kirkland (Business Administration, ’95) who works for the San Juan Water District as a conservation technician. After graduation, Rosina obtained a multi-subject teaching credential and taught English language development to K–6th grade students in the Sacramento area for 25 years. She recently obtained an administrative services credential and MA in education and education administration.

Patricia Caspers

Patricia Caspers (English, ’96) has released a new full-length poetry collection, Some Flawed Magic, published by Kelsay Books. Patricia is an award-winning poet, essayist, and editor, and founding editor-in-chief of the West Trestle Review. Her work has been published widely in journals such as Ploughshares and the Sugar House Review, and she has received the California Newspaper Association’s award for best columnist and best education reporter, as well as the Nimrod Literary Awards’ Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

Cheri Osmundsen (Liberal Studies, ’98) is manager of talent acquisitions for Canon Medical Systems Corporation.

Portrait of Terry Dyer artist, author, and executive director of the World AIDS Museum.

Terry Dyer (attended, ’98–01) From artist, author, and speaker to executive director of the World AIDS Museum, Terry is an activist at heart. Initially a musical theatre major, he completed his degree in communications at Sacramento State and went on to work in recruiting and talent acquisition for companies in San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento for many years. After serving as director of development at SunServe, a Florida-based agency that provides services for the LGBTQ+ community, he began working at the World AIDS Museum in Florida earlier this year. Today, no matter how busy he is leading school presentations, speaking about his 2020 book Letters to a Gay Black Boy, or working to preserve the history of HIV and AIDS and reduce their stigma, he lives by a simple principle: “Be kind to each other. There are differences in this world. What makes the world such a beautiful place is knowing and respecting those differences, and that’s what will continue to make it so beautiful.”


Natalie Wight

Natalie Wight (MS, Botany, ’00) is now the top federal law enforcement officer in Oregon, after her Senate confirmation this fall as the state’s next US attorney. After Chico State, Natalie earned a law degree from the University of Notre Dame, and she has since spent her entire legal career working for the US Department of Justice, first as a lawyer for the Federal Bureau of Prisons before becoming a federal prosecutor in California. In 2012, Wight became an assistant US attorney in her home state of Oregon, where she’s worked on both civil and criminal prosecutions. She was nominated to her new role by President Joe Biden. Natalie is also the first Black person and the second Asian American person to serve as the Oregon district’s US attorney.

Kelly Keller (English, ’00) is a winery ambassador for Freeman Winery and married to David Keller (Business Administration, ’08; Business Information Systems, ’10), who is a senior cyber security engineer for KPMG. They live in Healdsburg.

Kristen (Jower-Ho) Shaffer (Communication Studies, ’00) has worked at Yahoo for more than 18 years and has consulted at both Hulu and Nextdoor. Kristen is currently contracting at Google and YouTube working within its Global Market Insights team handling operations and program management while acting as chief of staff to the senior director.

Christina Flores (Liberal Studies, ’02, Credential, ’03) is in her ninth year as principal of Davis Magnet School in the Newport-Mesa Unified School District after teaching various grade levels for 10 years. The school was recently named one of the 325 National “Blue Ribbon” Schools, and Christina was selected as one of eight 2021 Blue Ribbon Principals to receive the Terrel H. Bell Outstanding Leadership Award. She credits the many opportunities she received as a Wildcat for helping foster her incredible success as a leader in education.

Miranda Bowersox (Journalism, ’03) is the communications and public information officer for the Butte County Administration Office. Miranda has been working for Butte County since 2006, first serving as the public information officer for the Butte County Sheriff’s Office. In her current position, Miranda has coordinated communication efforts for multiple emergency incidents in the area including the Oroville Dam crisis, the Camp Fire, and the North Complex Fire.

William Anderson (MA, General Anthropology, ’08) recently finished his six-year surgical residency at Loma Linda University Health. He worked as an attending physician in general/trauma surgery at Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, this summer. William is married to Chico State alum Carly Anderson (Psychology, ’99).


Hayley Kaplan (MA, Social Work, ’11) has published her first book, You Can’t Complete Me: But I Can!, a journey to self-love memoir that seeks to help fellow love-chasers, people-pleasers, and abuse-takers who struggle with low self-esteem. The book is available on Amazon. You can find Hayley on the National Alliance on Mental Illness podcast in December 2022 to discuss the book and promote awareness around codependency and love addiction. She is a licensed clinical social worker in North Carolina, where she offers short-term counseling to individuals, families, and couples, and she credits her graduate program at Chico State for her continued success.

Kyle Preston (Recreation Administration, ’12) has been named vice president of fleet management and estimator for Preston Companies, where he will be responsible for overseeing the operation of the equipment department, answering to the president to maintain the fleet budget, and ensuring successful turnaround for all Preston-owned equipment. Kyle has been with Preston Companies since 2012 in a variety of positions including project engineer and project manager.

Benjamin Mullin (Journalism, English, ’14) is now a media reporter for The New York Times. Ben previously wrote for The Wall Street Journal and was managing editor at The Poynter Institute, a nonprofit journalism school and research organization dedicated to raising the standards of journalism. He won the 2020 Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing Award in Media/Entertainment for reporting on the collapse of Quibi.

Sean van der Wal (Business Administration, ’14) has been hired as a business development advisor for Bordeaux Wealth Advisors, an independent investment advisory and wealth management firm. Sean is a certified financial planner and co-founder of Drawing Capital, a technology-focused investment firm, and he spent the last decade serving families in the Bay Area technology community and advising clients on investment and wealth strategies at Morgan Stanley and Charles Schwab. He lives in San Carlos with his wife and two children.

Lauren Orozco

Lauren Orozco (Political Science, ’15) is an associate in the Trusts and Estates practice group for law firm Weintraub Tobin, where she assists clients in resolving highly contentious and complicated trusts and estates disputes. Lauren received her Juris Doctor from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and was the salutatorian of her class.

Alanna Lindahl (Business Administration, ’17) spent the first five years after graduation working in professional sales, but she was interested in health and wellness and driven to find work that was fulfilling, so she moved to Italy. Alanna has since become fluent in Italian and now works as a content marketing specialist for a multinational company focused on tech advisory for the healthcare industry. She says she is now living the best of both worlds by using her Chico State education to build a stimulating and rewarding career while exploring a different culture.

Natalie Windt (English, ’17) worked as a social media account manager for businesses across the country after graduation, but during the pandemic she became focused on finding work that aligned more with her interests and values. Natalie earned certificates in Google analytics and human resources, focused on enhancing her skills as an artist, and was hired as a part-time marketing and public relations coordinator for Stonewall Alliance of Chico. Natalie eventually landed a full-time job at Butte College as a marketing and public relations specialist, where she has been for more than a year.

Jessica Church (Agriculture, ’18) has accepted the position of vegetation management quality control program manager with Pacific Gas & Electric after three years as a utility forester subcontractor.

Jose Eduardo Martínez Hernandez (Criminal Justice, ’19) worked as an asset protection specialist with Home Depot after graduation, but soon switched gears to avoid heavy public interaction during the pandemic while awaiting the birth of his first child. He has now been happily employed as a 911 communications dispatcher with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office since September 2020.


Rachel Piper (Liberal Studies, ’20) pursued a teaching credential directly after graduation, but changed direction during the pandemic and was hired in March 2021 as a human resources recruiting coordinator for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. Rachel is currently studying for a professional certification and hoping to work her way to management soon.

Chloe (Bristow) Birchmier (Agriculture, ’21) recently accepted a position as development director for The Jesus Center in Chico.

Dejah Guira (Nutrition and Food Sciences, ’21) returned to her hometown after graduating during the pandemic and worked as a nurse’s assistant while figuring out her next move. On a whim, she applied online for a job that she wasn’t sure she was qualified for, located in an entirely new city. She was hired and now works as a recovery counselor at a residential eating disorder facility. Dejah loves the job and says her greatest joy is working in behavior health and advocating for people to see their worth in life.

Steven Loya (Music, ’21) is the senior director of development and communications for the Yolo Food Bank, which provides food assistance throughout Yolo County. Prior to this position, he worked as assistant director of development at UC Davis, and at Chico State for nearly 10 years where he focused on frontline fundraising, annual giving, and donor engagement. He also serves as the volunteer president of the Woodland High School Music Boosters where he fundraises and advocates for access to educational opportunities and the arts. Steven and Jessica (Bartlett) Loya (Communications Studies, ’16), owner of Jessica Loya Photography, married in May 2022. The couple met while employed at Chico State (Jessica is a former university photographer) and their love for each other may only be rivaled by their love of Chico State—their wedding even included a guest appearance by Willie the Wildcat!

Cameron Price (Sociology, ’20) is a commercial west account executive for Puppet, a global software company.

Darian Moreno (Agricultural Business, ’21) has reached her one-year anniversary as a loan officer for Farm Credit West.

Hanson Seeger (Psychology, ’21) is currently taking prerequisites for a doctorate of physical therapy program.

Have you recently changed jobs, been promoted, or started your own business? Perhaps you’ve gotten married, crossed something off your personal bucket list, or achieved a lifelong dream. Send an email to to share where life has taken you since your days at Chico State.

Fond Farewells

The University and Alumni Association note with sorrow the passing of our alumni, students, and colleagues.


Carol Ammon (Attended, 1969–73)

Mary Ellen Andoe (Attended, 1954–55)

John Michael Bates (Social Science, ’69; Credential, ’70)

David Michael Bosserman (Attended, 1972–75)

Lorna Brandt (Physical Education, ’78)

Dale Marion Butler (Business Education, ’68; MA, Economics, ’71)

Stanley Edward Clewett (Credentials, ’64, ’65; MA, Industrial Arts, ’69)

Wayne Cook (Social Science, ’66; MA, Sociology, ’73)

Steve Cordero (Business Administration, ’92)

Joshua Crane (Biochemistry, ’19)

Mark Davis (Political Science, History, ’93; Credentials, ’94, ’98; MA, Political Science, ’99)

Andrea Dunlop (Recreation Administration, ’91)

Nolan Espinda (Political Science, ’81)

Frayne Fennie, Jr. (Liberal Studies, ’77)

Mary Ferrari (Social Science, ’72)

Terry Gough (Business Administration, ’65)

Charmaine Hunton-Rone (Home Economics, ’82)

Caroline Louise Hamilton Erigero (Child Development, ’75)

Marny Helen Harris (Credentials, ’91, ’92, ’95)

Clifford Hammer (Attended, 1953–54)

Sara Hollister (Business Administration, ’98; MA, Accountancy, ’00)

Barbara Jackson Heron (MA, Education, ’71)

Travis Steven Jackson (Mathematics, ’86)

Jay Kimball (Industrial Arts, ’66)

Edward Klemm (Recreation Administration, ’72)

Patsy Page Knox (Attended, 1951)

Mark Lea (Industrial Arts, ’83; Credential, ’85)

James Francis Leonard (Recreation Administration, ’67)

Robert Lincoln (Social Science, ’51)

James McCullagh (Philosophy, ’63)

Olivia Malekos (Social Sciences, ’70)

Lois McLean (Art, ’71)

Thomas Meldahl (Business Administration, ’82)

Pauline Mickelson (Music, ’39)

Timothy Murphy (Agriculture, ’77; MA, ’91)

Warren Nelson (Geography, ’72; MA, Geography, ’80)

Melina Frances Patrick (Nursing, ’70)

Karin Pickard (Attended, 1965–68)

Warren A. Ronneburg, Jr. (Mathematics, ’67)

Francis Allen Ruff (Attended, 1959–61)

Paul Sackinger (Geology, ’87)

Clark Santa Maria (Biological Sciences, ’10)

Yashar Hazim Shamdin (Attended, 1968–69)

Samuel James Silvas, Jr. (Business Administration, ’87)

George Edward Soule, Jr. (Civil Engineering, ’73)

Lyle Stockwell (Music, ’59; Credential, ’60)

Vaida Stevens (Biological Sciences, Credential, ’68)

Earl Ellis Summers (Public Administration, ’82)

Tresa Templeton (Mathematics, ’94)

Rosalia Quintana Villalpando (Spanish, ’73)

Patricia Ann Waldron (Nursing, ’67)

Sadie Wight (Multicultural and Gender Studies, ’03)

Jennifer Lynn Wood (Liberal Studies, ’97)

Donald Young (Social Science, Credential, ’59)


Holly Mahnke, Agricultural Science and Education

Delaney Marchant, Master of Business Administration

Carla Perez, Plant and Soil Science

Faculty and Staff*

John Bash, Religious Studies, 1968–98

Michelle Berglund-Smith, Computer Science, 1955–2020

Ed Bronson, Political Science and Criminal Justice, 1969–2000

Larry Burleson (MA, Physical Education, ’69), Physical Education; Track and Field, Cross Country, 1968–2004

Beverly Newbold Chiñas, Anthropology, 1968–86

Wes Dempsey, Agriculture and Biological Sciences, 1954–92

Larry Dion, Mathematics, 1963–98

John Ebeling, Political Science and Criminal Justice, 1971–98

Dennis Frazier, Human Resources and Facilities Management and Services, 1988–2010

Lenora Goni, Financial Accounting and Reporting, 2015–22

Beverly Jenkins, Nursing, 1970–92

Patricia Johnson (Business Administration, ’78), Associated Students Bookstore, 1989–2012

Norma Jones, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, 1951–83

Howard Kalmer, Nursing, 1982–86

David Mallory, Music and Theatre, 1969–91

Margaret Pattison (Social Welfare, ’71), Associated Students, 1971–94

Ken Rose, History and Social Science, 1994–2010

Allen Sherwood (Social Science, ’65), Student Affairs and University Advancement

George Swanson, Kinesiology, 1989–2011

Eunice Toussaint, Student Affairs and Academic Affairs, 1955–78

* Years of service

Rosina Kirkland (Liberal Studies, ’95) is the coordinator of English learner services for the Twin Rivers Unified School District and married to her college sweetheart and Chico State alum Kenneth Kirkland(Business Administration, ’95) who works for the San Juan Water District as a conservation technician. After graduation, Rosina obtained a multi-subject teaching credential and taught English language development to K–6th grade students in the Sacramento area for 25 years. She recently obtained an administrative services credential and MA in education