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Common Grounds is Moving Up!

Architect Rendering 2Common Grounds is on the move! Since 2003, it has been located in the basement of the BMU and is now finding its way to the first floor. We have spoken with Corinne Knapp, Dining Services Retail Manager, who has been able to give us a thorough update on its progress.

Could you expand a bit more on the reason for the move?

We have been continually astounded by how many students did not know there was coffee shop in the basement of the BMU. It was very much an out of sight out of mind location. The location in the basement was never built to be a coffee shop. When the BMU opened there was a game room down there and that area was a place for a cashier. It was never designed for a food operation and most certainly not for a coffee shop. There are some structural concerns that do not meet health code. We looked into the options of bringing that space up to health code, but without increase foot traffic that didn’t make much sense. The new location is designed from the ground up to be compliant with health code requirements as well as efficient for a coffee operation.

Where will we find Common Grounds in fall?

Architect Rendering 1

It is on the first floor of the BMU where the info center and Conference Services area used to be. We have made the choice to temporarily (only during the Summer) locate it in the Marketplace Café area. The reasons for this are to allow us to transition our equipment to the new area with the least about of down time and impact to our customers.

What is the advantage of moving to the main floor?

We are hoping for increased foot traffic to the cafe. Customers who may not have been thinking about a latte will most like be after walking by our new location.

Are you looking to change the name or keep it the same?

We are exploring name change ideas. Suggestions are welcome and can be sent to clknapp@csuchico.eduu with the subject line: BMU Coffee Shop Name Ideas.

Will there be more space and seating available in the new location?

Architect Rendering 3

More space for service, which will mean our employee, can work more efficiently to get you your order faster. Very little additional seating. Seating will still be available in the old Common Grounds location and throughout the BMU.

Will there be new options added to the menu? Will it remain the same?

The core coffee menu will remain the same. We will be adding upscale prepared sandwiches, salads, and snacks to the menu lineup.

When should we expect the new location to be open?

Our new location will be opening for the start of Fall 2013 if all goes as planned.


For more information, visit the Associated Students Dining Services Facebook page.