To: Students
From: Trevor Guthrie, Associated Students President

Wildcats, I know for many of us this past week has not been easy. As a first-generation graduating senior, the news of a postponed Commencement and the abrupt change to online education has affected me in more ways than one. It seems as if almost every semester there is a turn of events that tests us as a community. Yet, each time we are tested, we never fail to come together in moments of uncertainty to uplift and support one another.

We are once again facing a challenge that we have not seen in recent history with the growing global pandemic. I know our community will continue to find strength in the face of adversity, as we have done so time and time again.

Your experience as a student is a transformative journey. The adversity we face now is part of a journey that we will look back on and remember how it shaped us into the people we will become. A university is a marketplace of ideas in which we grow, learn, and transform together. This is yet again another opportunity to find strength in the unknown, give back, and persevere. I know that our Wildcat student community will once again handle it with care and grace.

Our University motto has never been more relevant: Today Decides Tomorrow. For the health of yourself, our community, and our loved ones, it is imperative that we all follow the Centers for Disease Control’s prevention measures. Wash your hands, practice proper social distancing, avoid group gatherings, and follow the governor’s stay-at-home order. We will be facing the consequences for an extended period of time if we do not collectively act together, now. This is serious, and we need to act like it.

The University will continue to offer online resources and services. Please visit Chico State’s COVID-19 News & Information website for more information. Be sure to check out the student FAQs. You can also access information on self-care through the UMatter website. The Associated Students has also created a virtual engagement center with endless tips, links, and information.

If you have any additional concerns, questions, or comments, please feel free to e-mail me at I am happy to set up a virtual coffee meeting to connect with you during this time.

We are one community, one student body. We are Chico State.

With gratitude,

Trevor Guthrie