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Not Expected, But Graciously Accepted

Students choose to study abroad for multiple reasons—to live in another culture, learn a new language, travel, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason, they make their choice then develop an image about their new college town.

And even though many students have some preconceived notion about what their study abroad experience will be like, it is often incorrect or incomplete.

Such was true for Robin Lind, 21, of Sweden and Daniel Fagerudd, 24, of Finland, who came to study abroad at Chico State for spring 2011.  While the exchange students chose from a large list of possible destinations, they had no idea at the time the opportunity that would come with choosing Chico State.

The Scandinavian exchange students, a short month after arriving in California, got connected with KCSC Radio and are now hosting their own show.

Robin Lind on air at KCSC Radio

By attending Chico State, Lind and Fagerudd gained an opportunity they otherwise would not have had back at their Swedish college of Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden.  Their home college does not have a radio station, which is one reason they say they love Chico State.

“Swedehearts,” the name of their Swedish radio program, has allowed Lind and Fagerudd the chance to broaden KCSC Radio listeners’ knowledge of Scandinavian music.  The exchange students also use their show to introduce the Chico community to a piece of their Scandinavian culture.

“People seem to like the music, but they don’t know that it is Scandinavian music,” Fagerudd said. “We want to inform them that the music is indeed from Europe.”

Lind and Fagerudd base their show on a weekly theme they choose.  Their themes have included singer/songwriters, independent artists, girls and boys.  Future theme ideas revolve around electronic dance music and live video feed of disc jockeys dancing.

Even though Lind and Fagerudd pick a weekly theme, they encourage listeners to place song requests on the Facebook page “Swedehearts.” Lind explained how it is sometimes difficult to decide on which music to play, so the more requests they receive the larger variety of music they will play (as long as it is from Scandinavian artists).

The “Swedehearts” show can be listened to every Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in three different ways.  Listeners can either go onto the KCSC Radio website or go onto the KCSC iTunes podcast.  And if listeners are out and about they can listen by downloading the KCSC Smartphone application.

However you chose to listen, make sure to step out of your music comfort zone and support these exchange students. You never know, Scandinavian music may prove to be your new favorite type of music.