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Chico State

Recycle, Reuse

By Bianca Hernandez, Senior, Majors: Anthropology and Journalism — News Editorial

I nervously eyed the shelves brimming with binders and notebooks. The nice woman at the desk in BMU 301 had told me to help myself since everything was free, but I just couldn’t trust it. Free school supplies? It felt like a trick.

I soon realized it wasn’t a trick. I eventually got a job there, and I saw the amount of reusable supplies AS Recycling received every week was substantial. Barely used notebooks, folders, binders, books and other items were constantly ending up in our paper bins. Over the semester we even come across records, cups, new ink cartridges and lamps. All of these items, plus whatever other reusable items we come across end up on the shelves in BMU 301, ready for people to grab. All free.

Working here wasn’t enough, so I signed up for an internship to get a better idea of the entire Sustainability Collaborative. I ended up hanging out in the E-ARC libraries, where students can check out environment themed books, read magazines, and watch some enlightening movies. Sometimes I would go out to the Compost Display Area by the bike path and just pull weeds, water plants, or snack on some peas.

The best part about my experiences with AS Recycling and AS Sustainability (besides the occasional free book I snag) have revolved around the amazing people I’ve met there. It’s a place I’ll miss, but always come back to visit after I graduate.