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Staff Awards Recognize Exemplary Employees

(Left to right) Brooke McCall, Kathleen Moroney, and Bev Langston pose with their awards.
Jason Halley / University Photographer

(Left to right) Brooke McCall, Kathleen Moroney, and Bev Langston were honored at the 46th annual Staff Awards Luncheon in May.

Kathleen Moroney’s colleagues call her “a truly unselfish individual” and “endlessly dedicated to the service of students and the University,” so it came as no surprise when she was named the 2016 Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year. Presented by Staff Council, the University’s highest staff honor recognizes employees who make significant contributions to Chico State, including years of service, job performance, work relationships, and service to the University.

Moroney was one of three outstanding employees honored this year, in addition to Wildcat Spirit Award winner Brooke McCall and Customer Service Award winner Beverly Langston.

Moroney has worked on campus for 10 years in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs. As its administrative analyst specialist, she keeps the office in line while championing programs, mentoring student staff, and bestowing her wide smile to everyone across campus.

However, her most moving achievement began four years ago, when a faculty member brought to her attention a student who was in desperate need of food. Realizing Chico State lacked a food pantry, Moroney established one. The Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry has provided 25 tons of food assistance to more than 2,500 students—representing more than 38,000 meals—since its inception in 2013.

These recipients represent just a slice of the tireless commitment to serving students shown by staff across campus.

Moroney is a leading member of the Chico State Basic Needs project and a champion for students’ well-being, both physically and emotionally. As one of her nominators put it, Moroney “goes out of her way to ensure students are treated with the utmost dignity.” She is known for compassionately, discreetly, and selflessly serving students, and putting their well-being and success at the forefront of everything she does.

Kathleen Moroney stocks the shelves of the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry.
Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year Kathleen Moroney founded and helps run the Hungry Wildcat Food Pantry, which has served more than 2,500 students in need since 2013 (photo by Jessica Bartlett / University Photographer)

The Wildcat Spirit Award was created to honor the most spirited, passionate staff member who completely embodies University traditions and values, and demonstrates an unmatched commitment to campus and community service, citizenship, collaboration, and higher achievement. No one does that better than this year’s winner Brooke McCall.

Sometimes called “the face of the WREC,” McCall’s role as program supervisor at the Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her service to campus. Her passion for working at Chico State and contagious “zest for life,” as one of her nominators said, shines through whether McCall is planning special events such as De-Stress Fest or teaching her weekly spin class. In addition to her regular work, McCall serves on the Student Affairs Diversity Committee and the Transgender Task Force, emphasizing inclusivity and enhanced student success in everything she does.

And she does it all with an energetic friendliness that makes it nearly impossible for her to cross campus without stopping every few feet to greet students, faculty, and staff.

Bev Langston served campus for 38 years, becoming famous for her “can-do attitude” and always-pleasant disposition that earned her recognition as this year’s Customer Service Award winner.

“You will never meet anyone as positive and welcoming” as Langston, one of her nominators wrote. The administrative support coordinator for Risk Management is known for putting her office and coworkers first without complaint or missing a beat with her own work. With her retirement in summer 2017, Langston leaves a legacy of providing calm, encouraging support and, according to colleagues, being “hands-down the kindest person in the building.”

Moroney, McCall, and Langston were honored at the 46th annual Staff Awards Luncheon in May. They represent only a small sample of the tireless commitment to serving students shown by staff across campus.

Staff Council also recognized all of the award nominees during the luncheon:

Employee of the Year

Mary Argetsinger, Facilities Management and Services

Antone Curtis, Intercollegiate Athletics

Claudine Franquet, Technology and Learning Program

Robin McCrea, College of Agriculture

Ronda McGrath, Department of Accounting

Malcolm McLemore, Student Life and Leadership

Kathleen Moroney, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

Wildcat Spirit Award

Brooke McCall, Wildcat Recreation Center

Scott Taylor, Facilities Management and Services

Customer Service Award

Mary Brownell, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jenny Funk, School of Social Work

Kathleen Huber, Print and Mail Services

Bev Langston, Risk Management

Kate Post, Public Affairs and Publications

Jill Rice, Business Student Advising and Services

Jane Sharman, Risk Management Office

Chris Zinna, University Box Office