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Chico State

Summer Construction Time-lapse

By Pat Berry, Library Administration

The video is comprised of photos that I took from the fourth floor of Meriam library and was created using iPhoto.  I’m not that great with video, so I went with the easiest option available.  I started taking photos so I would be able to measure the progress being made.  To be honest, I didn’t think they would be able to finish in time.  Luckily, once they got the underground work finished it seemed to go very quickly.  At the end, when they were pouring the concrete I was taking photos four or five times a day because they were going so fast.

I know a lot of people aren’t thrilled with the “sea of concrete” that we have now, but I think we need to give it some time.  In a few years the trees should be able to provide enough shade to cut down on the oppressive glare that we get now.  There is still the third phase of the project to complete [next summer], but in the long run I think it will look really nice.

If you’d like to view or download the entire collection of Pat’s photos, the images have been release under a Creative Common ‘By Attribution/No Commercial works’ license and can be accessed here.