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A title graphic stating "Top Posts of 2016."

Top Posts of 2016

The year 2016 has come to a close! Last year witnessed so many monumental¬†moments on and off campus, it was a difficult task trying to swim through the sea of posts that made up 2016. What made our job easier was listening to the responses of our followers and viewers, giving¬†us insight into the events […]

A header image stating "2016 Taught Me."

2016 Taught Me…

Wildcats share the lessons they learned from 2016 that they will carry into the new year.

Chico State’s #MyTopCollege Recap

With the conclusion of Forbes Magazine's #MyTopCollege campaign, see why Chico State is our top college...

Chico State Social Media 2015 Year in Review

A look at Chico State's top moments across social media.

2013 Year in Review [Infographic]

As we launch into 2014, we decided take a look back at Chico State’s social media hits in 2013. The common thread across platforms is that all of our audiences love stories of student/faculty achievement, and have a strong connection to our beautiful campus and its quirks and traditions. So, we’ll do our best to […]

facebook responses

Winter Break Plans? Zzzz…

In the midst of fall final exams last month, we asked our Facebook and Twitter community what they were looking forward to the most during winter break. Aside from graduation and travel, it seems like most Wildcats are hoping to catch up on their sleep! Check out the responses below: Hibernation. Share on Facebook Share […]