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Chico State

Top Posts of 2016

A title graphic stating "Top Posts of 2016."

The year 2016 has come to a close! Last year witnessed so many monumental moments on and off campus, it was a difficult task trying to swim through the sea of posts that made up 2016. What made our job easier was listening to the responses of our followers and viewers, giving us insight into the events that got the most attention, enthusiasm, and criticism throughout the year. Students and alums accomplished incredible and innovative feats, a presidential candidate spoke to the campus and community, and gatherings of inspiration, solidarity, and public protest made 2016 one of our most exciting years! Here is our 2016 year in review, month by month, showing you just how proud we are of what can be accomplished in a year at Chico State.


These moments reflect the evolution of a single year. We cherish these moments on and off our campus, and are proud to show off how much Wildcats can accomplish when they set their minds to it. The top posts of 2016 barely begin to scrape the surface of how much our students have achieved, learned, and experienced, and we will continue documenting the weeks and months ahead, knowing 2017 will be all of what 2016 was and more. Happy New Year, Wildcats!