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Chico State

William Nitzky

A collection of baskets from four generations of Mountain Maidu Weavers of the Meadows-Baker Family sits in the Valene L. Smith Museum.

Chico State Museums Help CSU Preserve the Past, Define the Present, and Direct the Future

The Valene L. Smith Museum supports a broader mission to advance knowledge, learning, and culture by introducing the community to global cultures, history and people.

Faculty William Nitzky sits on a table and smiles with his behind him.

Worth Sharing: Nitzky Debuts ALVA Documentary

A listing of professional achievements by Chico State faculty, staff, and students.

Traditional garments worn by Hmong women on display at the Valene L. Smith Anthropology Museum at CSU, Chico.

History, Hardship, Culture: ‘Hmong Reflections’

The student-developed exhibit showcasing Hmong history and culture is now open at the Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology.