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Chico State

Wildcat Conversations: Ultramarathoners on Living Life with the Long Run In Mind

An illustration of Kendall Hall at Chico State, with the words 'Wildcat Conversations' written in whimsical letters above it.

We’re all constantly searching for the courage to chase our dreams and overcome the challenges that pop up along the way.  Few understand this quite as well as Chico State alumni Tim Tollefson (Exercise Physiology, ’08), Jimmy Elam (Psychology, ’10), and Anthony Costales (Kinesiology, ’13), who rank among the fastest ultramarathoners in the world.  

We asked them how they avoid getting tripped up by life’s hurdles, stay disciplined and dedicated to their craft, and what they’ve learned by pushing themselves to the limit both mentally and physically during their races that cover distances of 30, 50, and even 100 miles.