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Chico State

Wildcat Conversations: Wine Industry Experts on Inclusion, Gen Z Marketing, and Sustainability

An illustration of Kendall Hall at Chico State, with the words 'Wildcat Conversations' written in whimsical letters above it.

Few industries are as emblematic of California as the art of wine and winemaking. At its heart, the industry employs hundreds of thousands of people, generates billions of dollars in revenue for the state and nation’s economies, and produces a beverage beloved around the world. But, it still has strides to make when it comes to inclusion and representation, adapting to the evolving market, and innovating for the future. 

Luckily, we have four alumnae at the forefront of this work, each with a unique pathway into her sphere of influence. As they share their stories about shaking up the wine industry, we learn how consumers can play a role in advancing equity, hear about the latest trends, and learn some new varietals you might want to try.