This week’s inquiry: “What is your favorite fall activity in Chico?”

Charissa Pilling, Freshman, Nursing Major

“My favorite part about fall is the weather change and playing in the rain!”


Cindy Dizard, Administrative AssistantCollege of Agriculture

“Fall is a beautiful time of year and the temperature is perfect. I like doing outdoor activities, particularly hiking and biking.”


Katelyn Curtis, Junior, Social Work Major

“When it starts raining, my friends and I head over to One Mile to play a good game of mud football.”


Rick Ford, Professor – Mathematics and Statistics Department

“Year round I enjoy going to Lake Almanor or going boating on the river, but I’d say fall is the perfect time for golf because it’s not too hot outside and the course is in great shape.”


Danielle Alder, Junior, Nutritional Science Major

“I like walking around downtown with my friends and stopping for coffee at the Naked Lounge.”


Matt Sakai, Sophomore, Exercise Physiology Major

“Honestly… I like crunching the leaves that are on the ground in Bidwell Park.”


This is the second edition of our reoccurring feature, Words with Wildcats.