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Chico State

Words with Wildcats!

This week’s inquiry: “Do you have any goals or resolutions for the spring semester?”


Frank Rebelo, Senior, Environmental Science: Atmospheric Science

“I’m going to try to manage 22 units well enough to not miss any assignments or due dates. I’m also aiming for straight A’s this semester.”


McKenna Collins, Freshman, Business

“My goal is to spend more time studying and concentrating on school work than I did last semester.”


Aaron Draper, Super Senior, English Literature

“I’m hoping to be able to finish my last semester with straight A’s. I’m also going to challenge myself to find free parking every day this semester. Wish me luck!”


Amanda Blake, BA Art Education 2011, Teaching Credential Program

“I want to make more art and strive to be both healthy and happy.”


Cody Sevedge, Senior, Applied Computer Graphics

“My resolution is to stop worrying about the small things and to start shaping a more positive outlook on life.”


Leah Jacobs, Senior, Biology

“My goal for this semester is to find as many internship and volunteer opportunities as I possibly can.”