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Chico State

Words with Wildcats!

This week’s inquiry: “Where is your favorite place to eat in Chico and why?”

Paul Zingg, President: “There are few things I enjoy more than a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a slice of Celestino’s pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and dried peppers generously sprinkled on top. I appreciate the Pale Ale because it’s a Chico institution and Celestino’s pizza because he’s a Jersey guy like me, and I grew up on East Coast pizza.”

Jason Nice, Professor of British History: “I really like Café Paulo on 5th and Ivy. Their coffee is great because they roast and grind it themselves. I enjoy the atmosphere and the company, plus it’s nice to support local business.”

Sandy Claflin, Art Department Secretary: “My husband and I rarely go out, but when we do, we always seem to be craving Mexican food. Our favorite place to go to satisfy that craving is either Tortilla Flats or Casa Ramos, both serve really tasty food!”

Jeff Williams, Mechanical Engineering, Post-Baccalaureate: “My wife and I lived in Hawaii for several years, and we got used to eating Chinese food. The best Chinese food in Chico is from Ginger’s Chinese on Pillsbury Road.”

Steve Lewis, Professor of Latin American History: “My favorite is Thai food. When I’m on campus, I like to walk downtown to Thai Basil on 2nd Street, but if I’m on the south end of town, Cocodine Thai Cuisine is the place to go!”

Amanda Duntsch, Child Development, Freshman: “I like to go to Big Chico Burger on East Avenue, they have a great special where you can get a cheeseburger, an order of fries, and a soda for only $5.49!”

Kate Transchel, Professor of Russian History: “I find myself really enjoying authentic ethnic food.For my spicy Indian craving, I like to eat at Priya on The Esplanade. They have an amazing lunch buffet and really tasty vegetarian dishes. When I’m feeling like having Italian, I like to head over to Sicilian Café. I love the location with the creek side setting and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the cuisine!”

This is the first edition of our reoccurring feature, Words with Wildcats.