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Chico State

Jacque Chase

A rock decor inscribed "Home Sweet Home" is placed at a destroyed home from the Camp Fire along Newman Avenue in Paradise.

Paradise Continues to Rebuild and Evolve Three Years After the Camp Fire

Three years after the Camp Fire scattered the residents of Paradise, the town continues its rebuilding process—while also evolving.

Jacque Chase places her hand on a sitting bench and Peter Hansen smiles as they stand among grass and trees. 

Mapping Lab Takes Closer Look at Population Displaced by Camp Fire

As a team of Chico State researchers continues to study the initial movements of those displaced by the Camp Fire, as well as where they are now, their findings are revealing.

Olivia VanDamme loves surfing and spends time sharing that passion with younger surfers.

Sharing a Love for the Sea

Olivia Van Damme spends her days showing teenagers the depth of inspiration in the deep blue sea working as operations manager at City Surf Project, which serves low-income, underserved students in the San Francisco public school system.