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Chico State


The sun sets behind an academic building

University Researchers Tackle Hot Topics Using Lantis Awards

The University has named four professors as recipients of its annual Lantis Endowed University Chairs—Janine Stone, Anita Chaudhry, Michael Coons, and Marie Lippmann.

Pa Yang sits on a brick wall in the shade of a giant oak tree in front of Kendall Hall.

Connecting Generations Through Understanding

On the cusp of receiving her master’s in psychology, Pa Yang (Psychology, ’21) reflects on the value of her work and the ideas behind it: making her community stronger, more connected, and (hopefully) happier.

Bright yellow leaves of fall adorn a tree on a college campus.

Five Faculty Receive Professional Achievement Honors

Recipients of these annual awards are honored for exemplary teacher-scholar achievement at Chico State.

Portrait of Leo Simpson

Psychology Major Defies the Odds

After battling depression, an eating disorder, and drug dependency, Leo Simpson finds hope at the end of their college journey.

Portrait of Sal Hernandez Rodriguez

Psychology Major Makes the Most of a Second Chance

After a life-altering choice landed him in legal trouble, Sal Hernandez Rodriguez is firmly on the road to earning a college degree.

A view of Kendall Hall at Chico State

Disability Rights Leader to be Celebrated with Honorary Doctorate

In the last 40 years, Sheikha Jameela bint Mohammed Al-Qasimi has created leading programs serving children with deafness and hearing issues, autism, and other cognitive and developmental disabilities.

Terry Nilsen poses with a woman

Fond Farewell: Psychology Major Terry Nilsen

After changing his major, Terry Nilsen embraced both psychology and art and loved spending time in Chico.

A graphic image shows the Wildcat statue with the phrases, "Wildcats Do and Dare" and "Today Decides Tomorrow."

Wildcats Do and Dare

What might the world look like if, rather than wondering about some distant future, we took daily action toward the tomorrow of our dreams? Meet Wildcats who are doing exactly that.

Eduardo Europa holds a sign that says "curiosity."

New Faculty Share Messages of Inspiration

As 17 new faculty join Chico State this semester, they spent a few minutes creating signs to inspire students with a word or phrase for the new school year.

Dramatic portrait of Deja Shevalier

Psychology Major Finds Passion in Realm of Research

Fascinated by psychology, Deja Shevalier has earned a reputation as an exceptional and curious student as she delves into the world of behavioral neuroscience.

Two outlines of human heads face one another surrounded by question marks and exclamation marks.

Psychology Class Views Prejudice Through an Objective Lens

In “Psychology of Prejudice, Hate, and Violence,” Professor Alex Wong and his students analyze the nature of prejudice as a basic human psychological need to generalize others in comparison to themselves—a trait that all human beings possess.

Portrait of Sasha Garcia

Fond Farewell: Psychology Major Sasha Garcia

Sophomore Sasha Garcia dreamed of graduating early and embraced her studies with dedication and a good attitude.

Lauren Gruwell speaks at a conference.

5 Questions with Lauren Gruwell

A psychology degree and minor in marketing proved the perfect combo for Lauren Gruwell ('09) to work in business development in a major tech company.

A person walks across a campus bridge, toward the rising sun.

Bold Visions for 2020

Whether wrapping up their time as an undergraduate or diving deeper into their studies, Wildcats are making big plans for the year ahead.

An illustration depicting five student faces and the words "The Changing Face of Chico State"

The Changing Face of Chico State

Today, Chico State is home to more identities and expressions than ever. Yet, “first gen” is one of the fastest-rising identity markers. The University is focused now more than ever to ensure they achieve their dreams—no matter how high they are set.

Cory Tondreau smiles as she poses in front of an abstract mural

Perseverance Drives CSU Trustees’ Award Winner to Excel

Cory Tondreau's tenacity and talent have led her through a lifetime of obstacles, and she has been honored as a 2019 CSU Trustees' Award winner.

Hundreds of Chico State graduates sit and wait as Commencement ceremonies prepare to get underway.

Worth Sharing: UPD Names Officer of the Year

A listing of professional achievements by Chico State faculty, staff, and students.

An early-winter sunset cloaks the campus in an aerial shot.

Worth Sharing: Speech and Debate Team Shines

A listing of professional achievements by Chico State faculty, staff, and students.

Stars shine above Trinity Hall.

Fond Farewell: Retired Psychology Faculty Diane Chatlosh

Retired faculty member Diane Chatlosh, who taught psychology at Chico State for 19 years, passed away April 1. She was 63. Born September 19, 1955 in Menominee, Michigan, she earned her bachelor of science from Northern Michigan University in 1977 and her master’s from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, in 1981. After earning her PhD […]

Illustration of a person kneeling and holding out a heart to a person who is huddled up and appears to be under a dark cloud

How To: Help Someone in Pain

How do you speak to a loved one has experienced loss or trauma? Psychology professor and therapist Kyle Horst offers some tips.

Joel Minden smiles in his office

Take Action, Demand Satisfaction: Managing Anxiety

On this episode of the podcast "Out of Curiosity," professor Joel Minden explains anxiety and suggests some strategies for managing it.

President Gayle Hutchinson (left) recognizes James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr., (right) for 45 years of service as staff are honored during the Staff Awards Luncheon in May 2018.

For 45 Years, International Education Has Been His Life’s Work

A distinguished face gazes out from the southwest edge of campus, its dark beard mixed with gray, mouth set in a comforting smile, and eyes twinkling with patience, kindness, and understanding. This is James Luyirika-Sewagudde, Jr., a 45-year employee of Chico State's Office of International Education.