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Words from Wildcats

A header image stating "2016 Taught Me."

2016 Taught Me…

Wildcats share the lessons they learned from 2016 that they will carry into the new year.

My First Week…

Transfer student sheds light on their experience bridging from community college to Chico State.

Chico State’s #MyTopCollege Recap

With the conclusion of Forbes Magazine's #MyTopCollege campaign, see why Chico State is our top college...

Behind the Valentines: An Interview with the Chico State Cupids

For the past two years, Chico State has been graced with the presence of two love doctors each Valentine’s Day. Tony Munoz and Steven Huff, part-time Cupids and Chico State graduates, are known for donning winged bras and “kiss me” boxers to deliver unconditional love by handing out valentines with sweet messages attached to students and staff […]

La Dolce Vita: Living, Learning, and Eating in Italy

By Quinn Western, senior journalism major I’m a senior journalism student spending my last semester at Chico State in Viterbo, Italy. It’s a small, medieval town where few of the community members speak English and finding avocados is a struggle. The city center where I live, is enclosed by towering stone walls. My apartment building […]

Tearing Down Walls

By Jeff Barron, social media and photography intern What does it mean to study computer science at Chico State? Jennifer Decker explains that it goes far beyond math and programming—at heart, computer science is about using technology to solve problems. Decker, a junior, is also the president of Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), the computer science […]

Taylor Herren 2014 Commencement

A Mission to Advocate

"I’m here to provide a voice for the unheard."

Hannah Hubbard, accounting senior, studies for her finals

10 Tips for Surviving Finals Week

The most stressful week of the semester is upon us—finals week. Here are some study tips to help you come out a champion.

Large group of students who participated in the CCLC diversity summit

Cross-Cultural Leadership Center Hosts Diversity Summit

A glimpse into the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center's Diversity Summit held in Nevada City. Read about how 100 strangers became a close-knit family in just a couple of days.

The front of Kendall Hall

And There You Have It … Cooking With Christina Saschin

Senior nutrition and food science major Christina Saschin is published three times a week for her recipes and cooking tips. In this video, she talks about her cooking show on YouTube, writing for Parade magazine, and The Orion while showing how to make healthier orange chicken

The front of Kendall Hall

Words from Experienced Wildcats

We asked a few professors from across campus their advice for making the most of your time here, this semester and beyond.

Computer code and graphic model of the earth

Modeling the Mystery of the Earth’s Movements

Understanding the shape and behavior of our planet is an absolutely classic problem, says senior Kyle Rocha-Brownell, who hopes to help illuminate it with his research project.

A banner showing the construction of Kendall Hall in 1929 outside of Kendall Hall


Quinn Western, a senior journalism major, tells about her summer internship at The Sacramento Bee.

The Organic Vegetable Project sells produce to two customers

Sustainable Eats: A Recipe for Success

When student Grace Kerfoot became the AS Sustainability dining coordinator last fall, she was immediately off and running on bringing more dining choices to Chico State.

Student climbs the climbing wall at the WREC

Facing Fears at the WREC Climbing Gym

In the pictures of Wildcat Recreation Center staff member Salam Ali fixing the rope to my harness for the first time, you’ll see me beaming with eyes cast down, watching her hands as she explains the reliability of the Figure-Eight Knot she’s tying. What you don’t see are the frantic thoughts racing through my mind.

Kym Crosby trains at University Stadium earlier this year. Crosby, who is legally blind, has been invited to live and train at the U.S. Paralympic Training Center this summer.

Chico State Runner Competes for Spot on Paralympic Team

Kym Crosby, a student-athlete who is also legally blind, is competing at international meets and training with Olympians in pursuit of 2016 Paralympic Games berth.

Close-up of the rubber of the Chico State track

Wildcats Among Nation’s Best Student-Athletes

This past week, our men’s golf, men’s and women’s track and field, and baseball teams demonstrated that they are among the best in the nation.

A full moon appears above Kendall Hall and the campus

Eye on the Skies Tonight

By Quinn Western, social media and photography intern Dust off your binoculars and telescope because tonight is the first of four lunar eclipses that will be spaced out roughly six month apart. The lunar eclipse will be visible a little before 11 p.m. and just after midnight, said Tyson Randall, an environmental science graduate students and astronomy […]

Oh, The Places Wildcats Go

As we return from another spring break that saw Chico State students making a difference through well-known programs like CAVE's Alternative Spring Break and the Blitz Build, we wondered, "What else do our Wildcats get up to while they're away?"

We Never Stop Exploring

Don't miss out on the trips offered by adventure outings to students and the Chico community.

Embodied: Living the Health At Every Size Way!

I became a nutrition major after losing a lot of weight through a weight-loss company. I thought by losing weight, I was getting healthy. I wanted to help others get healthy as well.

Studying a Whole New World Away

Preparing for the Disney College Program wasn't just a simple walk in the park. It took a lot of effort, determination, and passion to become a part of the program at Walt Disney World in Orlando, where I am today. About 30,000 students apply and only 7,000 are accepted.

Ben Mullin: The Man Behind the Paper

By Ben Mullin, Editor-in-Chief, senior, Journalism and English literature major Ask any journalist what they’re proudest of and you’ll get different answers. Some will break out their old stories and tell you how they tracked down each breathtaking scoop. Some will regale you with tales about how they stood their ground when some infuriated reader […]

Student Finds Community—and Himself—at Chico State

Junior Kory Masen shares his story.

Chico Performances: An Insider’s Perspective

Day Gomez here, marketing assistant with Chico Performances. Part of my job as a marketing assistant is ensuring we build a positive relationship with our community—Chico and all of the North state. As President Paul Zingg once said, we are “bridging our world” by hosting an array of performances that culturally enhance our community. The […]

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Working at Chico State is an important experience that helps students develop professional skills they carry with them post-graduation. Approximately 4,600 students work on campus each year, becoming more involved with their campus and the community. We wanted to start highlighting some of those hard workers and their experiences here on the blog. So, we’re […]

Chico Spikeball: 360 Degrees of Fun

By Skyler Boles, teaching credential program, Chico State Spikeball Club president  Spikeball is a fast-paced, high-agility, and hand-eye–intensive sport that is fun to play and highly addicting. We want to share this amazing sport with everyone because it brings out so much joy in players. Here is the breakdown of spikeball, which is most similar […]

Upward Bound: “Once a UB’er, always a UB’er.”

By Humberto Ramos, Senior, Journalism and Spanish major If you ask me if I work, the answer is “yes.” But explaining what I do? That is tougher—it depends on the time of the year or even the season. I work for the Upward Bound Projects at Chico State. This is an academic program that helps […]

Growing from “Like” to “Love”

By Katheryn Robichaud, Communication Studies, ’13 When I came to Chico State as a freshman, I was hesitant: How would the transition be? Is this the right school for me? For the first time, I was moving away from my home in Pleasanton, and I knew I would face some homesickness. I decided to dedicate […]

My No.1 Piece of Advice: Get Involved!

By Layton Piver, Senior, Mathematics Education Being a Chico State student is a way of life. We take great pride in our campus, great pride in our community, and great pride in our education. Chico State is a true college town—the opportunities available to students are unparalleled by any other university. But when I came […]

Taylor Herren and President Zingg riding Wildcat Cruisers

What does it mean to “Be Chico”?

AS President Taylor Herren explains: Hello, my name is Taylor Herren, and I am honored to be serving Chico State as the Associated Students president for the 2013–2014 academic year. I would like to welcome our new students to California State University, Chico and congratulate our returning students for continuing on with their college education. […]

10 Ways to Survive Move-in Day

By Gerardo Nicolas, Senior Resident Advisor Hello and welcome to Chico State. First-year student move-in day is one of the best days of the year for the Residence Life staff and for the campus. It’s the beginning of a new year and new classes. The Chico community is happy to see you! Here are some […]

Wildcat Welcome (#ChicoWW)

It’s that time of year again—when we look forward to welcoming a brand new batch of Wildcats into our family. To greet our new students, an exciting Wildcat Welcome has been planned for Aug. 22–25. The events at the new student orientation are all designed with one thing in mind: to help Chico State students […]

My Summer Checklist

By Shyna Deepak, Chico State Social Media Intern Hello again! I’m back, and this time with a mission. It’s my first summer in Chico, and when I am not attending to my duties as Chico State’s social media intern, I’m out exploring. By the time I graduate, I want to have accomplished everything there is […]

Behind the Lens (of a Smartphone)

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of the official Chico State Instagram account (@ChicoState), and it’s taken off like a rocket. There is so much beauty on campus and around town, and the photo sharing app gives us an opportunity to capture it at a moment’s notice and broadcast to all our students, alumni […]

Common Grounds is Moving Up!

Common Grounds is on the move! Since 2003, it has been located in the basement of the BMU and is now finding its way to the first floor. We have spoken with Corinne Knapp, Dining Services Retail Manager, who has been able to give us a thorough update on its progress. Could you expand a […]

The Diversity Iceberg

By Tracy Butts, Chief Diversity Officer On the few occasions when I have accompanied my colleague Victoria Bass on outreach trips for the university, many parents and prospective students upon hearing that we are representing Chico State remark that the university is not very diverse.  Because Chico State is a predominately white institution (PWI) whose […]