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Chico State

New Transport Program Provides Students Rides to Sacramento Airport During Breaks

A white bus is parked with its door open; it has Chico State written on the side and the Wildcat logo printed on it
(Jason Halley/University Photographer)

Getting a ride to Sacramento International Airport just got a whole lot easier.

Exclusive to Chico State, students leaving campus during extended breaks can sign up for Wildcat Rides, a bus transportation program that goes from campus to the Sacramento airport and Sacramento Valley Station, an Amtrak and Greyhound hub.

Wildcat Rides operates at the start of major campus breaks, including fall, winter, and spring. Seating on the chartered buses is limited and based on a first-to-reserve, first-served basis—be sure to check the Wildcat Rides landing page approximately one month before each break to sign-up. And pack smart: each student can bring one large suitcase and one carry-on bag (backpack or purse).

The program’s pilot launch ran during winter and spring breaks to overwhelming success, giving organizers a good sense of how to scale it.

“There are still elements we’re figuring out, such as the best days and times to offer, best ways to communicate availability, and what ongoing demand looks like,” said Anna Magaña, director of student financial services. “As a campus, we recognize the presence of an amazing community of Wildcats ready to help each other and offer rides or tips on navigating the Greyhound or Amtrak, but there remains a transportation need for many students. We’re working on bridging the gap and will continue to evolve the program next year and beyond.”