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Chico State

Willie the Wildcat and the Seven Reasons to #ChooseChico (Plus One More)

An image of Kendall Hall is photographed with Willie the Wildcat superimposed across.

Why is Chico State the most magical school to attend?

We will give you seven good reasons, plus an eighth just for the sake of extending this post, following the lead of certain movie adaptations… *ahem* Warner Bros *cough* …but we’re getting off topic.

Why #ChooseChico, really? Let Willie tell you!

1) Willie the Wildcat and Student Success

Chico State takes pride in its students’ success. Chico State ranks near the top of all 23 California State University schools for graduation rates. Wildcats are taking the world by storm in high-level industries and emerging fields. Student success ranges from Women Engineering cutting-edge solar projects, sales competition championships, and graduates taking on jobs like writing for Buzzfeed, editing Pixar movies, and becoming major corporate CEOs. 


2) Willie the Wildcat and the Campus of Secrets

Whether current students know it or not, Chico State has many secrets to be shared. One could say we are like Gretchen Weiners’ hair! We pulled back the curtain on some campus myths last year in Rumor Has It: 10 Chico Myths Debunked and discovered a world of mystery amidst the everyday classroom. If we have a colony flesh eating beetles from The Mummy calling the Human Identification Lab in Plumas Hall home, or a dragon living in the Meriam Library basement, that’s up for you to determine….shhh.

This is what we get for building a campus inside the Forbidden Forest—uh, I mean the City of Trees.

3) Willie the Wildcat and the Prisoners of Paradise

Upper Bidwell Park has an abundance of hiking paths and climbing rock formations, perfect for magical explorers to conquer.

Along with the beautiful campus itself, Chico is a haven of magical places to explore. From the buzzing downtown shops and restaurants to the tranquility and magnificence of Bidwell Park (one of the largest municipal parks in the country at 2,500 acres), students can sit back with a top-notch cup of coffee or tea and soak in all the natural beauty our City of Trees offers. Our Northern California region is truly paradise on earth. Plus, there is a city actually named Paradise located just next door.


4) Willie the Wildcat and the Sports Teams of Fire

Our Wildcats sure know how to play, making everyone hear their roar when they became the NCAA Championship Tournament West Region champions last month.

Chico State athletics have ranked in regional and national levels, year after year. From women’s softball to men’s basketball, Chico State paves the way with our exceptional student-athletes.

If you’re wondering where our Quidditch team is, we have a club team that could go toe-to-toe with the Holyhead Harpies themselves.

The Wizarding Wildcats may just make it to the Quidditch World Cup… stay tuned.

5) Willie the Wildcat and the Order of Uniqueness

We value our students’ ability to express themselves in their own individual ways. We know that diverse representation is key to a comprehensive education and understanding of the world we live in, and that each person’s uniqueness helps make that possible. With on-campus organizations such as the Gender and Sexuality Equity Center and the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center, Greek life, and over 250 campus clubs, we strive to make Chico State a place where students can explore every part of what makes them magical.

Obviously we encourage student activists to let their voices be heard. Along with campus organizations, Wildcats are apart of major social movements such as S.P.E.W. (Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare).

6) Willie the Wildcat and the Half Price Tuition

In a 2016 Money Magazine ranking of “50 Colleges That Add the Most Value,” Chico State ranked eighth in the country, and second among California schools.

For the most bang for your buck, we compete with top-tier universities in quality education for less than half the price. Plus, over 80% of our student body receives some form of financial aid. Yay, money!

Warning: Watch out for dragons when receiving financial aid.









7) Willie the Wildcat and the Deathly Animals, Part 1

As students walk from class to class, one must keep a weather eye out for flying hippogriffs overhead.

Here at Chico State, we interact with many different kinds of magical creatures. But students are wondering, “What are these magical beasts, and where can we find them?”

From an abundance of wildlife including grey squirrels and owls, to the petting zoos and therapy dogs available every year during De-Stress Fest, we find being surrounded by furry and feathered friends makes life on campus just a little more magical. Plus, our University Farm has farm animals students care for themselves! Cows, goats, and chickens galore.


8) Willie the Wildcat and the Deathly Animals, Part 2

Willie the Wildcat may have his work cut out to uphold the title of Chico State’s favorite cat. Rival campus cat, Hooch, has been steadily winning over voters, one friendly visit at a time, at the Wildcat Recreation Center, our state-of-the-art recreation center. Keep an eye out for this up-and-comer.

Is that you, Professor McGonagall?