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Graduating students sit facing the stage as their decorative graduation caps are displayed.

Chico State Terrific Titles of 2018

With the end of the 2017-2018 year rapidly approaching, and the swirl of the spring semester struggle muddying your memory, it seems only right to recap what our Wildcats accomplished this year.

A graphic stating "De-Stress Fest."

Refresh, Rest, It’s Time For De-Stress Fest!

This semester has been quite possibly the most intense to date. With an accumulated level of stress from work, class, and all the rest, it’s really time for the semi-annual De-Stress Fest to commence. This week-long event will bring the relaxation resources directly to the Wildcat Recreation Center (WREC) for students to enjoy before exams! […]

How I Turned My College Town into My College Home

Hello Chico State! My name is Shyna Deepak, and I am the new social media intern for the Department of Public Affairs and Publications. I am about to enter my senior year, working on my BFA in Electronic Arts with a minor in communication design. After spending three years in Chico, I feel comfortable enough […]


We all know selecting a college is a tough choice. Here at Chico State, we want new students to be sure. That is why we offer an open house and day of activities that will help prospective students decide if Chico is the place for them. In anticipation of this year’s Choose Chico! event (April 6, 2013), […]

Facebook Cover Photo Challenge!

What: Help us choose CSU, Chico’s Facebook cover photo! Share your photos, and then help select from our favorites to be the next California State University, Chico Facebook page cover photo. Guidelines: Photos should show off the best of Chico State and the Chico experience. Take photos of our beautiful campus in all its spring […]

veteran flags

Planning Events and Honoring Heroes

By Alison Healey, senior Business- Marketing, and Recreation Management Major “Recreation… So you’re majoring in playing?” This is what statement I hear from many people when I tell them I am majoring in recreation. Most people don’t realize the recreation major encompasses many fields, including event planning, parks management, hospitality, and tourism. Through my Recreation 474 […]

orion twitter feed

The Orion’s Going #DigitalFirst

By Ben Mullin, Journalism and English Literature major Managing Editor, The Orion When The Orion news team convened for the first meeting of the semester, I told them all to take a deep breath and close their eyes. Some raised their eyebrows. Some cracked hesitant smiles. But they humored me while I began my speech: […]

facebook responses

Winter Break Plans? Zzzz…

In the midst of fall final exams last month, we asked our Facebook and Twitter community what they were looking forward to the most during winter break. Aside from graduation and travel, it seems like most Wildcats are hoping to catch up on their sleep! Check out the responses below: Hibernation. Share on Facebook Share […]

Student in Chico State sweatshirt poses around campus with fall leaves

Fall Photo Challenge

Fall is the time of year Chico, the city of trees, comes to life. Leaves change from green to yellow, orange, or red and blanket our streets with their beauty. As the seasons change, we ask our followers to share their photos of the current season. With over 100 entries, the Fall Photo Challenge has […]

Instagram Contest for Chico Experience Week

During Chico Experience Week we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers to use Instagram to take photos of themselves during the week. Here are some of our favorites: Here is the contest’s winning photo by tbufete!

Your Vote Can Make A Difference

A message from A.S. President Jaypinderpal Virdee and CSU, Chico President Paul Zingg A crucial election is only weeks away. It may be a cliché to some, but the truth is that our democracy depends on an engaged citizenry: One vote, your vote, can make a difference. For those of you who are registered voters, we […]

Feather Falls

It’s Worth Every Mile

By: Alison Healey, Senior, Major: Marketing & Recreation Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy your surroundings, and one of my favorite places to go is Feather Falls in Oroville. The trailhead to this stunning waterfall is about 45 minutes from campus, and then there’s a four-and-a-half mile hike to get to there, […]

Volunteering’s Valuable Lessons & Valuable Skills—For Now and For a Lifetime

Jennifer Jewell, volunteer coordinator for Gateway Science Museum on the campus of CSU, Chico Did your parent, school or church ask you to volunteer when you were a child? Mine did. All three asked that I serve some amount of volunteer time for some organization or effort each year. For school I worked at the […]

Spring Photo Challenge

During the fall semester, we invited our Facebook followers to share photos of the changing seasons. We decided to re-awaken that creativity a few weeks back and launched a spring photo challenge. Here are the results, a handful of gorgeous photos that represent the spring season in Chico. Enjoy!

Rediscovering a Love for Home

By Chelsea Beights, Senior, Art Studio This spring semester has been one of the busiest of my college career. Between a full class schedule, multiple projects for my internship, planning a wedding, preparing for life after college, and attempting to get enough quality sleep to function, my agenda can begin to look like a Pollock […]

Model United Nations: Best Experience of My College Career

By Chelsey Korman, Senior, Journalism The Model United Nations is extremely difficult to describe in only 250 words, but here is my attempt. When I first started taking the class, the officers raved about how close we would all become and what a great experience Model United Nations is. To be honest, it just sounded […]

Chico State Expo 125!

In celebration of our 125th anniversary, California State University, Chico will host the Chico State Expo 125 this Saturday, April 14, from 1 to 5 p.m. There is no charge to attend, and everyone is invited! Stop by Colusa Hall (see campus map) to pick up Expo guides, buttons, and refreshments, and to mingle with […]

Introducing the Wildcat Store Blog!

By Julie Phayer, Student Marketing Assistant for the Chico State Wildcat Store Here at the Chico State Wildcat Store, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect with our customers. We currently have multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Foursquare), a monthly newsletter, and a website to represent the Wildcat Store. While […]

From Iraq to Chico: An Intellectual Journey

By Michael Fitzpatrick, Senior, English & Philosophy Two months after my high school graduation, I was on the other side of the United States from my home. Nine months after high school graduation, I was on the other side of the world, 7,000 miles from home. My name is Michael Fitzpatrick; I am a senior […]

Take a Hike!

The Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve (BCCER) fulfills a variety of important functions: it provides numerous opportunities for graduate student research projects from archaeology to zoology; it serves as an outdoor classroom for third and fourth grade students who learn about its flora and fauna within the framework of California State Science Standards and California […]

Let’s Do Some Dancin’!

By Rory Miller, Assistant Sports Information Director Re-posted from Chico State Athletics. For fans, coaches and players assembled upstairs Sunday night at Madison Bear Garden, the atmosphere was one of anxiousness for the Chico State women’s basketball team, as the Wildcats waited to see if their late-season heroics were enough to earn a berth into […]

A Walk Down Memory

As we begin the 125th anniversary of Chico State, we recognize the growth and development of our university since its establishment as Chico Normal School in 1887. Throughout the years, more than a hundred thousand students have had their Chico Experience on campus. From those who helped create and transform the campus we know today […]

Words with Wildcats!

This week’s inquiry: “Do you have any goals or resolutions for the spring semester?”   Frank Rebelo, Senior, Environmental Science: Atmospheric Science “I’m going to try to manage 22 units well enough to not miss any assignments or due dates. I’m also aiming for straight A’s this semester.”   McKenna Collins, Freshman, Business “My goal […]

Writing with Light

Santy Gray, Senior, Anthropology Anthropology, the study of people and their impact on earth, is by nature a fascinating subject. Every human being is connected by the simple fact that we are human. To understand the ways that we are all connected is to tell a story. The experiences we have and our reactions to […]

Why Our Ag Majors Are Growing

By Jennifer Ryder Fox, dean of the College of Agriculture After reading the January 19, 2012 Yahoo Education article “College Majors That Are Useless,” one might be led to believe that the author, Terence Loose, has something against eating, wearing clothes, enjoying a natural landscape, or smelling a bouquet of roses. What other reason could […]

Steady Pace Towards Olympic Dreams

Scott Bauhs, BA Social Science, 2008 Scott Bauhs was a standout distance runner at Chico State from 2004 to 2008. He is now working out at a USOC Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif., where we caught up with him. He spends time both at the sea-level training center in Chula Vista and in […]

Man vs. Wild, Huber Style!

Scott Huber, Education and Research Coordinator, Ecological Reserves I have the world’s best job. As the education and research coordinator for CSU, Chico’s Ecological Reserves I get to do both of the things that I love most: sharing my love of nature with others and getting my hands dirty as I help protect the reserve’s […]

Hidden Gems: Creekside Educational Garden

The Creekside Educational Garden is quite the hidden gem due to its location behind Colusa Hall. Directly south of Big Chico Creek sits an 8,000-square-foot section of land that has been set aside for this special project. The project began in the spring of 2011 as the third part to the larger Creekside Plaza Landscape […]

Delta Xi Phi Days

by Michaela Boggan, Senior, Journalism Being a member of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority Inc. has challenged my beliefs, priorities, and goals. When I decided to pledge a sorority at Chico State, I was forced to think about what I stood for, who I was, and who I wanted to be. My decision became obvious […]

Big Bass, Big Money

By Bryce Hayes, CSU, Chico Alumnus, Construction Management 2011 When a good friend of mine mentioned he was starting up a fishing club on campus in 2009, initially I didn’t think much of it. I have always had a passion for fishing and the outdoors, but never considered joining a club that offered this type […]

Hidden Gems: Chico State Rope Course

By Lee Shawver, Challenge Course Director Nestled in the southwest corner of our campus is an area consisting of telephone poles connected by steel cables and other peculiar contraptions. This is Chico State’s ropes course—clearly a hidden gem.  Here, groups climb, jump, swing, fly, laugh, cry, and ponder—all in an effort to get a better […]

Monsters in Film

By Asa Simon Mittman, Professor, Art and Art History Department I’m an art historian and I study monsters. When I picked my area of research, I wanted to work on something exciting, and what’s better than man-eating, fire-breathing, shape-shifting, giant, magical, horrifying, terrifying monsters?  For several years I’ve wanted to teach a course on monster movies.  […]

Words with Wildcats!

This week’s inquiry: “What is your favorite fall activity in Chico?” Charissa Pilling, Freshman, Nursing Major “My favorite part about fall is the weather change and playing in the rain!”   Cindy Dizard, Administrative Assistant – College of Agriculture “Fall is a beautiful time of year and the temperature is perfect. I like doing outdoor […]

Hidden Gems: The Janet Turner Print Museum

In the heart of Chico resides one of the great artistic treasures in Northern California – The Janet Turner Print Museum. In its larger and more accessible space in Meriam Library, the museum serves more people than ever. On any given day you might see a class full of 7–year–olds creating a print, a university […]

Chico Experience Week at the Museum of Anthropology!

Adrienne Scott, Curator, Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology Each year, Chico Experience Week introduces new students and their hopeful parents to Chico State and its namesake town in a fun way, coaxes alumni and alumnae back to revel in fond memories of collegiate life, and, of course, reminds current students and faculty how awesome […]

Words with Wildcats!

This week’s inquiry: “Where is your favorite place to eat in Chico and why?” Paul Zingg, President: “There are few things I enjoy more than a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and a slice of Celestino’s pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and dried peppers generously sprinkled on top. I appreciate the Pale Ale because it’s a […]

Saving You Dimes One Cup at a Time!

By Avery Beck, Senior, Anthropology Major Being away from home. Meeting new people. Spending late weekend nights roaming around downtown looking for parties. My freshman year at Chico State was basically everything I imagined college would be, based on the impression the movies I grew up watching gave me. Yet, I couldn’t help but feel […]

Recycle, Reuse

By Bianca Hernandez, Senior, Majors: Anthropology and Journalism — News Editorial I nervously eyed the shelves brimming with binders and notebooks. The nice woman at the desk in BMU 301 had told me to help myself since everything was free, but I just couldn’t trust it. Free school supplies? It felt like a trick. I […]

A bulldozer clears area on Trinity Commons

Summer Renovations!

Construction workers have been quite busy on campus this summer, digging holes, pouring concrete, planting trees, among other things! This summer’s endeavor is the second of three phases in the First Street Promenade project. There are a few other projects going on around campus, including re-roofing the Performing Arts Center, transplanting the iconic flame statue […]

Rock and Roll and the Fall of Communism

By Matt Robertson, Graduate Studies in History Studying abroad means more than just studying, and few public institutions of higher education facilitate the experience better than Chico State. Two weeks ago in Berlin, I saw Checkpoint Charlie (where WWIII almost began) and the Brandenburg Gate, and quivered with unbridled emotion at a Holocaust museum.  But […]